Top 10 Crimes Caught On Google Earth


Thieves, tax evaders, and drug dealers have all been caught red handed on Google Earth.
Most people may used the company’s impressive maps to find their way to the nearest pub, but the programme has also helped catch its fair share of law-breakers. anon wear t-shirt

Take a look at the video below to discover the 10 Crimes Caught on Google Earth:

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  1. The real anonymous would’ve changed the title to 10 examples of crimes only half of which should actually be crimes, the other half have no victims and created no damaged party and should not be crimes.

    • Just because a crime isn’t reported doesn’t mean it’s not a crime. For example-prostitution-doesn’t have a victim per say- it’s an illegal trade of sex for money-regardless-it’s still a crime/illegal

        • If thats true looks like i can go do cocain in public and then i guess if no victim no crime is still true i can go into a police ofice and and smoke crack remember you said no vitim no crime well looks like im safe

          • Of course that shouldn’t be a crime, while I would suggest rehabilitation, the simple act shouldn’t be a crime.

          • Yeah I agree. Go smoke some crack. It’s your body and it’s supposed to be a free country. My conservative Christian 86 year old grandma has been saying all drugs should be legalized for ages. Think it through before posting.

        • prostitution isnt regulated and is illegal and the victims are the people who catch the various stds/sti’s who are being exploited because of their sexual/lonely nature and in reverse the prostitute is also a possible victim because she may be working for a forceful pimp and was probably brought to prostitution via human trafficking……….but i still got these cheeseburgers mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It`s not Siberian idiots its Serbia… U got this video about google earth u still made a mistake about country… Really guys?

  3. Some people just don’t know when to shut their fucking mouths, if you don’t like the content or you don’t agree then move on to something else.

  4. My comment was deleted,nice speech freedom anonymos….can you still post articles about:Russia bombing too civiliance?Russian trolls

  5. haha bullshit siberian police in serbia?? it’s not the same. it’s not because a girl is talking to a driver that she is a whore, even if it looks like, do you know these people? meet them? then do not share “infos”. it looks like fox news, trying to make sensationnal news for audiance, with an empty message behind this…


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