10 Most Mysterious Places On Earth


10 Most Mysterious, Creepy, Dangerous, And Bizarre Places Around The World That Are Hard To Explain… Even For Scientists…

#10. Mining of Madness, Arizona

The Superstition Mountain in Arizona has left people going crazy and even dying while searching for its fabled treasure. In 1891, German miner Jacob Waltz claimed to have discovered a gigantic gold mine that would make anyone who mined it rich beyond their wildest dreams. Waltz fell sick and died before he could strike it rich.

The Native American legends claim the lost treasures are guarded by little people who live deep within the mountains. Explorers claim they hear unexplained noises, like people laughing, when they set off down into the depths of these mountains. The Apaches believe somewhere in these mountains, along with the gold, is the entrance to hell. People who set out to find waltz lost treasure trove never return home.


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  1. Thanks Drew for reporting the typo (wrt miner). However, FYI, “Dutchman” was a common American term for a “German”.

  2. So you call Germans Dutch, and the Dutch German? I serve both, and neither likes being confused for the other. I also live and work in that part of Arizona where there are landmarks such as: The Lost Dutchman hideout, the lost Dutchman blvd… etc. It’s obvious in those short paragraphs you did little to no research on Waltz. Clickbait.


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