10 Myths about the Nazis


The Third Reich, supposed to last for a thousand years, survived for a mere twelve. But those twelve years saw unmatched horror, guided by a set of magical and enigmatic myths which were believed not only by Hitler, but by most of his senior staff and officers. Many of these myths were widespread at the time, and embraced the divine wisdom of other occult movements, such as the Order of New Templars and the Thule Society.

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    • The document mentioned was proven to be just an idea that an agent had come up with based on interviews with survivors. The U.S. knew Hitler was dead in June of 1945.

      • That’s what I say about your mom!! ROFL. Actually, all able bodied German males where Nazis. Which is worse, the fact that German men had no choice but to be Nazis, or the choice that many american men chose to make, at the height of Muslim hate some ten years sgo, volunteered to obliterate every man woman and child standing in their way. Well, one group chose to. The different e is that the Nazis had prisons based on religious affiliation and ovens to cremate the remains. Unlike Guantanamo or Abu ghraib. Were statistically speaking, all but ten percent were innocent, by the pentagons own records

  1. About the hiding of gold.About 2 months ago a diver did find a authentic nazi goldbar.So there are some truth to this myth.The bar was worth about 120k US dollars.

  2. This is silly. Most of these were just stupid rumors or theories not actual beliefs. And anyone that knows history already knew all this garbage.


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