10+ Photos of Drunk Japanese People Show The Dark Side Of Alcohol


(True ActivistJapan might have one of the lowest crime rates in the world and the longest life expectancy, but that doesn’t mean its populace doesn’t know how to party. This is clear in the following images, which were captured by Lee Chapman.

Bored Panda reports that Chapman is a British photographer, originally from Manchester, who founded the Tokyo Times. He arrived in 1998 and intended on staying for “a year or two,” but never left.

The intriguing collection of images that follow reveal a different side of Japan few of us have seen. When contemplating a trip to the country, most people think of sushi, imaginative inventions, and Hello Kitty. The following images of drunken excess offer a more realistic and downplayed reality that may just shift your worldview entirely.

Obviously, Japanese citizens aren’t the only ones who like to have a good time. However, the series also reveals some of the dangers of drinking in excess. Unlike marijuana which is more likely to result in one getting the “munchies” and contemplating life, alcohol can change a person’s demeanor and even kill them via alcohol poisoningConsidering one is legal in most nations and the other is prohibited, the following series is worthy of contemplation and reflection.























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  1. wonder what their drunk in public laws are. maybe it is harder on them when they are shamed by not living up to the expectations of their family or peers, and they use this to cope, however unhealthy it may be. not uncommon in many places here in the states, but meth and theft are far worse here.

  2. Perhaps tired after all that diligent work they do. Surprised they don’t carry fold-able beds in their pocket – being Japan an’ all.

  3. The thing with Japanese kids is that the pressure on them to succeed can be so high, it’s not surprising that they to turn to some kind of substance abuse to help cope with all these unnecessary pressures. Not everyone can cope. Some can, some can’t…it’s the same with any kid, in any country, it’s just that we’ve become so used to the idea that only Western kids make mistakes like these, that it becomes shocking to find out that other cultures have the same problem. Personally i have admired the Japanese for their dedication and hard work, and their humbleness in regard to work. To the Japanese, every job is honourable, whether it be a CEO of a multi billion dollar company or a street sweeper, everyone is regarded as a human being. So some people fall through the cracks, but with a population of some 130 million is it surprising some fall by the wayside? I think not.


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