10 Trump Administration Atrocities Going Under-Reported Amid Russia Hysteria

  1. A Dod Packed Full Of Former Military-Industrial Complex Executive

When you’ve got John “Bomb Iran” McCain telling you you’ve got too many defense industry execs in top Defense Department positions, you’ve got too many defense industry execs in top Defense Department positions. McCain has always been a whore for military-industrial complex funding, so if you’re bothering even him with all the Raytheon and Boeing executives you’re putting in Pentagon leadership positions, you’ve got a problem.

Obviously if you’ve got people who have financial histories with the war profiteering industry running your war policy, there’s a potentially dangerous conflict of interest. Trump isn’t the first president to put defense industry execs in top DoD positions, but he’s definitely escalated the trend. Here are some of the war profiteers you’ve got running your military now, America:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, former board member at General Dynamics

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who worked for a number of defense firms and was an adviser to DynCorp

Former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan for Deputy Secretary of Defense

John Rood, former Lockheed Martin executive, nominated as undersecretary of defense for policy

Former Raytheon Vice President Mark Esper, now secretary of the Army

Former Lockheed Martin consultant Heather Wilson, now secretary of the Air Force

Former Textron CEO Ellen Lord, now undersecretary of defense for acquisition

National Security Council Chief of Staff Keith Kellogg, a former employee of defense and intelligence contractor CACI

Other Assorted Awfulness


I’ve covered the top issues my audience voiced concerns about when asked, but here are some other miscellaneous awful things this administration has been doing if you’re curious, none of which have anything to do with Russia.

So as you can see, there is plenty to attack Trump for besides completely baseless accusations of Kremlin collusion. It says a lot that Trump’s opposition focuses on something wholly unsubstantiated instead of the actual, tangible things that he is doing.

As we’ve discussed before, it is possible to criticize Trump without being an establishment hack. Half of mainstream Americans are accusing Trump of Kremlin collusion, and the other half are defending him tooth and claw from all criticism. I try to do neither, and just look at the real, proven yucky things that are going under-reported and overlooked in the partisan melee.

The US president is not as powerful as the mainstream narrative would have us believe, but the executive branch is a part of the overall power structure, and should be analyzed accordingly. We should all be able to take as realistic a look at Trump as we did Obama, or as we would have with Hillary Clinton had she won. There is certainly plenty to criticize.


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