10 Trump Administration Atrocities Going Under-Reported Amid Russia Hysteria

  1. Saudi Arabia/Yemen



Participants in this article wanted this issue talked about more than any other, perhaps because the corporate media has been largely ignoring it. The United Nations has warned that millions of people will die in the worst famine in decades if the Saudis don’t lift a draconian blockade they’ve imposed upon the Houthis. Fifty thousand Yemeni children are expected to have died by year’s end.

Far from moving to help end the civil war which has already killed ten thousand, put millions in danger of starvation and caused a deadly cholera outbreak in what has been called a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the US has been helping to exacerbate the death and destruction instead. Trump signed the largest arms deal in US history with the Saudis in May and continues to provide them with extensive assistance in fueling their warplanes and targeting their airstrikes.

And where’s Trump’s priority during all this?


This one isn’t hard. Two of the most powerful nations on the planet are collaborating toward the destruction of one of the most impoverished. The specific dynamics of the conflict might be complex and difficult for outsiders to understand, but the abusive power dynamic is simple and obvious. There is no excuse for anyone not to take a strong stand against this, and Trump is actively facilitating it instead.


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