Exposed: CEOs Praised for Criticizing Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Paris agreement

Following President Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw the United States of America from the Paris climate agreement, a number of activist groups, celebrities, companies and notable figures have voiced their displeasure.

The Chief Executives of Dow Chemical and Corning Inc. were among the companies that opposed Trump’s decision, earning them praise in the media. In the weeks leading up to the decision, Liveris and Corning chief Wendell Weeks joined 28 other CEOs in the signing of an open letter to Trump, urging him to keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Meanwhile, following Trump’s announcement to pull America from the Paris climate agreement earlier this month, Andrew N. Liveris, the chief executive of Dow said he was “disappointed” with Trump’s decision. “Leaders don’t leave tables,” he later said. “Leaders stay.”

However, what the mainstream media failed to mention was that both companies are members of The Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA), a business group that has openly lobbied the Trump administration in support of withdrawing from the plan.

The IECA, which is responsible for lobbying on behalf of the industry, had been one of the few business groups to petition the administration to pull out from the Paris climate agreement. “IECA fails to see the benefit of the Paris Climate Accord,” the group wrote in a letter to G. David Banks, an environmental official in the White House.

But the group did not stop there. In April, just weeks after their initial letter, the IECA sent another letter, this time directly to President Trump himself, citing “the prospects for loss of competitiveness and jobs” in energy-intensive industries.

While thousands voiced their displeasure for the move on June 1 – including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who resigned from Trump’s advisory group – IECA praised the decision. “The U.S. should never be a party to a global or bilateral agreement that does not provide a level playing field for manufacturing,” a statement read.

Both Dow and Corning are listed as members of the group, along with Koch Industries, Weyerhauser Company, MillerCoors, Olin Corporation, and Alcoa.

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