20+ Scenes That Show All Hell Is Literally Breaking Loose In California Right Now


(Anti MediaCalifornia — At least fifteen people are dead and over 150 have been reported missing in wildfires currently plaguing northern California and other parts of the state, the Los Angeles Times reports. Multiple fires are burning “upwards of 100,000 acres” across the northern region, and a large fire in Anaheim, located in the southern California, is also burning thousands of acres.


According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), as of Tuesday morning, the Tubbs fire in Sonoma County spanned 27,000 acres and had destroyed 571 structures. Of those, 550 were residences and 21 were commercial properties. Over 600 firefighters are battling the blaze, which prompted mandatory evacuations for some residents.

It has burned vast areas of the city of Santa Rosa:

The Atlas fire in Napa County has also necessitated mandatory evacuations and has burned 25,000 acres so far. Cal Fire says it is currently threatening 5,000 structures and has already destroyed 125.



Data on containment for both Tubbs and Atlas were unavailable as of Tuesday morning, though Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant confirmed they were uncontained. The Tubbs fire grew 2,000 acres from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. Winds on Sunday evening exacerbated the flames, though Berlant said the gusts had weakened by Tuesday, allowing them to make headway.





The Redwood Complex fire in Mendocino County has burned 21,000 acres as of Tuesday morning. Cal Fire reports it has caused one fatality and two serious injuries. Over 400 firefighters are battling the blaze, which has also required residents to evacuate.





Cal Fire also reports that the Cascade fire in Yuba County currently encompasses 11,500 acres and is 15% contained.


The Nuns Fire in the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma County has burned 5,000 acres and is threatening 5,000 structures, prompting mandatory evacuations.


The Cherokee fire in Butte County has burned 7,500 acres and is 40% contained, Cal Fire reported Tuesday morning.


Smaller fires across the region have also contributed to the destruction, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that as of 7:30 pm on Monday, “16 fires in Northern California had burned upward of 100,000 acres and destroyed at least 1,500 homes, businesses and other structures.

As of Monday evening, the cause of the fires was unknown, but SFGate reports it could have been an accident, arson, or power lines. The Times summarized the deaths, noting that “officials warned Tuesday that the death toll could rise”:

The majority of the fatalities are from Sonoma County, where huge swaths of the city of Santa Rosa were leveled in flames from the Tubbs fire. Seven people have died in Sonoma County, four in Napa County and one in Mendocino County, Cal Fire officials said. Two of the Napa County deaths were because of the Atlas fire.”

Meanwhile, in southern California, a fire in Anaheim Hills fire has burned 7,500 acres and is only 5% contained. It, too, has prompted calls for evacuations. It has destroyed 14 structures and damaged 22, according to Anaheim Fire and Rescue.





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