When a 41-Year-Old Adoptee is Deported from the US to Their Birth Country, Korea [Watch]


At the point when Shin Song Hyuk was 3 years old, an American couple in Detroit adopted him and moved him from South Korea to their home in the United States. His name was changed to Adam, but in the process of adoption, his new family didn’t complete the forms that would guarantee their child American citizenship. This action ensured Adam’s future, sealing his fate as an undocumented foreigner.

No one knows the total number of worldwide adoptees who grow up as undocumented citizens because of carelessness or administrative mistakes. However, given the challenges that adopted children frequently have, vast numbers find themselves in an unfortunate situation with the law, where they are undocumented and hence, government can implement their deportation to countries they don’t recollect and societies that are totally alien and foreign to them.

Adam is only one example of many in this situation, where he finds himself detained and then deported back to the country where he was born with little recourse to fight the procedure. 

HBO aired a VICE news documentary following Adams journey from America back to South Korean soil.




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