8 Monuments More Controversial Than The Confederate Statues


In ancient Greece and Rome, monuments were used by political or military leaders to create narratives that united their entire civilizations through a historical memory and national identity.

Today, Americans are divided over calls to remove statues erected to honor the victors involved in the Confederate States of America. But the United States is not the only country dealing with the monuments that are mired in controversy. Around the world, there are at least 8 monuments more controversial than the Confederate Statues:

The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Inaugurated in 2005, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, otherwise called the Holocaust Memorial, was designed to express Germany’s remorse for the Holocaust that left six million Jews dead.

In 2003, it was revealed that Degussa, the company constructing the monument was part of Degesch, the company that delivered Zyklon B, the gas used to murder the Jews at the concentration camps. This horrified the memorial’s trustees, with one stating: “We had to think about the feelings of the victims.” Construction had to be suspended in order to find another company.


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