89-Year-Old Kicked Out of Home, Neighbor Buys House, Gifts Her Back

65-year-old Danielle Calder contacted the firm that had purchased it at an auction and bought it back for $167,500 with the sole intention of giving it back to “the fabric of the neighborhood.”


Angie Tyma, an 89-year-old widower from Hudson (Florida), was thrown out of her home of over 35 years after a close family friend cheated on her.

After her husband died nearly 20 years ago, Tyma requested a friend in Europe to buy her the house so she could spend the golden days of her life with the memories of her husband. She agreed to pay her friend monthly payments to cover the mortgage.

For years, Tyma would religiously send the money, but she was kept in the dark by the friend that he had stopped making payments on the house. Just three weeks short of her 89th birthday last year, she got the shock of her life when she found an eviction notice on her door and her belongings in the yard.

homelessShe was told that the house she was calling her home had fallen into foreclosure, due to lack of payments on the mortgage. Tyma and all of her possessions were thrown into the streets. Homeless and clueless, she took temporary refuge in Days Inn. However, her neighbors had other plans.

65-year-old Danielle Calder, who lives a few houses away, contacted the firm that had purchased it at an auction and bought it back for $167,500 with the sole intention of giving it back to “the fabric of the neighborhood.” The other neighbors then picked up her possessions from the streets, and restored her belongings and repainted the house.

When she moved back into her home on her 89th birthday, she was bowled over and called her homecoming her best birthday present yet:

“Usually one of my neighbors bakes me a cake every year, but this time, when I got out of the car, and saw all these people, and the media… I was in a state of shock. I was speechless. I couldn’t even talk. I never expected I would make the front page!

Losing the house was a scary time. I went through hell and back.  But I am glad to be home. I’m unpacking all the boxes. I had a lot of stuff that was broken. I’m cleaning.  I am grateful for Calder; she is a very good friend and a good neighbor.”

homelessCalder, who is now Tyma’s landlord, told TODAY she did this out of the goodness of my heart, not to make money or for any other reason except that I love Angie:

“Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house. But I needed her. I couldn’t see her living in a motel room… she’s been here so long. Everyone looks out for her. It was the right thing to do. We’re family — the whole neighborhood. Everybody knows Angie. She has two little dogs that she walks. She’s an elderly woman, but she’s pretty feisty, and she has lots of energy.”

Check out the rest of the story in the video below…

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