A Transgender Man’s Stunning Photos of His Transformation to Show What Testosterone Can Do [Photos]


(True Activist) YouTuber Jamie Raines, a 22-year-old student, was turning 18 when he first started with testosterone, the hormone taken by transgender men. It is used to make their body, voice and entire appearance more masculine.

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the testicles and is fundamental to the advancement of male development and manly attributes. Aside from being a key part in the production of bulk, manly muscles, and solid, strong bones, it adds up to sex drive as well. Testosterone production tops during youthfulness and early adulthood.

Jamie started thinking he was any other boy since he was four and as he grew older, he started realizing he was a little different. In his elementary years, he did everything so he could fit in and be seen as one of the boys.

You can see how much he’s changed below.


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    • Biology isn’t your strongest subject is it. Actually your brain is probably your weakest muscle without a doubt lol

  1. Trasgender my ass! She born as a lady and she is a lady! She can feel like a man a do all the shit she wants, it’s OK!, but she is a fucking lady because no one can undo biology!

  2. I just wish you would STOP putting these gormless fucking ads in everywhere….
    They just interrupt and interfere with whatever stories are being displayed.

  3. I have no idea why people are so angry about other people transitioning. What’s it to you, anyway? I’d think that you’d feel joy that another person feels joy? And what genitals they have is also NOYFB. Just like it would be rude to ask Gord if he still has his ballsack or if Gord is a woman, does she still have her breasts (neither lost to cancer, etc). I wouldn’t go there because: it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS, it is rude to ask, & it does NOT affect me.

    I love how happy these people look afterwards. I can’t imagine what it would be like to feel I was in the wrong body. More empathy & less hostility, please.

    • They’re not in the wrong body, that’s dopey and NOT SCIENCE. It’s simple – if you’re born with a enis, you’re a male. Born with a vagina? Female. See how easy that is.

  4. I would love to comment on the actual story, but the truth is that I could get through the 25+ pages of individual ads to finish. I understand the need for funding, but it doesn’t have to entirely supersede the material.

  5. I don’t think that this is the same person, probably a set of twins one male and one female, look closely at the first pic and the final product… Also…. how does testosterone make you get an adams apple?


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