Activists Plant Over 500,000 Trees To Mitigate Damage From Trump’s Climate Change Decision

Trump Forest

Since the U.S. President has pulled the country out of the Paris Climate Accord, critics have been saying that Donald Trump has rendered the world vulnerable.

To mitigate the damage that would be caused as a result of Trump’s reckless decision, climate change activists around the world have taken an action to protect the environment.

Activists have started an international tree planting project, known as ‘Trump Forest’, hoping to plant 10 billion trees worldwide. The name ‘Trump Forest’ was deliberately chosen to poke fun at Trump’s predilection for self-titled products.

Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the climate deal means limited fund to institute measures that would reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, the activists are crowdfunding the project.

Within just five months of the project being launched, they have had 530,653 trees pledged along with almost $70,000 in donations. Around half of the donations themselves have been from people in the US, with large chunks also coming from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Dr Daniel Price, glaciologist and one of Trump Forest’s three co-founders, said in a statement:

We’re at 500,000 trees: it’s an absolute fraction of where we need to be, but it’s also 500,000 times more than when we put the first tree in the ground just a few months ago, and people were saying it couldn’t be done. Trees are nature’s carbon scrubbing machines, millions of years in the making. They are the most efficient and cheapest option we have to soak up Trump’s ignorance.”

Progress of the project can be tracked on on the live Google map. The activists hope to plant approximately 100,000 square kilometers (39,000 square miles) of forest, around about the size of the state of Kentucky.

They are confident that this amount of trees would negate carbon emissions generated as a result of Trump scrapping President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which would have prevented approximately 650 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in eight years.

People who can’t donate directly to Trump Forest are being encouraged to buy and plant a tree from a local planting organization, and then send the organizers a copy of the receipt so they can be added to the Trump Forest world map.

People can also donate money to the Eden Reforestation Projects, who will plant a tree somewhere in the world on their behalf and Trump Forest.

Go to the Trump Forest website to find out how to donate to the campaign.

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  1. Those responsible for the decimation of the planet are the millions of western consumers. No idea where products come from no appreciation and all expectation. Throw stuff away so quick and succumbing to corporate propaganda.
    We have free will NOT to be led, Not to be lied to, not to kill.
    But its too comfortable being lied to and fed illusions of security.
    Even educated use free will to rape earths resources as long as theyre getting paid.
    Truth is consumers drive the market.
    Ignorance feeds the corruption.
    We are all respo sible for the state of the planet. Not just a temporary President.
    Its nice not to take responsibility.
    But we aint getting no where placinb the blame.
    If we planted trees to equal value of weather mod programs. Our planet would heal and 02 would increase
    Humans need 13 percent 02 were down to less than 18. From 30 percent 02 only 30 plus years ago.
    Plant trees consumers if you wish to prosper in health.


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