Afghanistan Death Toll Since Kabul Bombing Now Over 150

The May 31 attack in Kabul is being described as the deadliest attack since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001.


Over 150 people were killed on May 31 after a massive truck-bomb explosion in Kabul, according to reports. Since the attack, another seven civilians have been killed, and 16 wounded in a blast outside a mosque in western Afghanistan on June 6.

The May 31 attack in Kabul is being described as the deadliest attack since the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001. The blast, originating from a sewage truck filled with “military grade” explosives, occurred in an area that includes foreign embassies and government buildings. President Ashraf Ghani stated the following:

We were not the only targets, the entire diplomatic community was the target of this attack.”

The June 6 attack happened outside a mosque in the Afghan city of Herat. It’s believed the explosives were hidden in a motorcycle that was left in a parking area. All of the bombing’s victims have been Afghan.


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