Agent Orange: 24 Chilling Photos Of The War Crime The US Got Away With


As the world discusses the end of ISIS, the third world war, the North Korea threat, and the US imperial foreign policy, it quietly forgets the Vietnam War during which the United States used Agent Orange (a toxic mixture of two herbicides that contained large amounts of dioxin) to wipe out Vietnamese forest cover in order to easily bomb enemy bases.

Between 1962 and 1971, the US army (in cooperation with its corporate allies Monsanto and DOW Chemical), dropped more than 20 million gallons of Agent Orange over Southern Vietnam; the deadly chemical not only destroyed 5 million acres of forests and millions more of farmland but also contaminated the country’s air, water, and food sources. The highly poisonous carcinogen killed over 400,000 civilians, maimed as many, and caused mild to severe birth defects in at least 500,000 newborns.

To this day, many of the children are born with two heads, deformed bodies, twisted limbs, and no eyes. Elders get cancer at alarming rates as mutations caused by Agent Orange continue to wreak havoc in their lives.

These 24 haunting images are a proof the US got away with war crimes, for using Agent Orange as a chemical weapon during the war, and for causing irreparable loss of human life. These horrifying photos must be shared widely to ensure the Nazi war criminals do not get away with atrocities in the future:

#1. A ten-year-old girl born without arms writes in her schoolbook.
#2. A five-year-old boy, born blind and mute because of Agent Orange poisoning, sits at the barred window of an orphanage.
#3. Le Van O., a 14-year-old boy who was born without eyes because of the effects of Agent Orange.

#4. 55-year-old Kan Lay holds her 14-year-old son, born with severe physical disabilities because of Agent Orange.


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