‘Proud Boy’ Member Threatens to Murder Reporter, Rape His Wife



An alt-Right “Proud Boy” recently recorded a video in which he threatened to kill a reporter and rape his wife in response to a negative article that reached “thousands of people.” So we, here at Anonymous, decided to write an article that could potentially reach millions around the world. Enjoy.

The “Proud Boys” was formed in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder, Gavin McInnes, who later left Vice as his political views started shifting to the Right. The group is self-described as a “pro-Western fraternal organization” for men who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” In other words, it’s a boys club for low-IQ bigots with small penis complexes.

McInnes insists the Proud Boys have nothing to do with the alt-Right and does not promote violence. His army of fascists, racist trolls, and drunken street brawlers claim otherwise. Proud Boys are often seen marching alongside various known white supremacist groups during protests and rallies. They chant “illegals” while shouting they should have their heads “smashed into the concrete.”

During an interview with Alex Jones, one well-known Proud Boy named Ethan Nordean was asked if it felt good to see a protester he punched hit the pavement. Nordean responded that, “Like Gavin McInnes says, violence isn’t great, but justified violence is amazing.”

This brings us to Levi Romero, referred to as a “legend” at the official Proud Boys website, (source). Romero is an easily triggered, self-proclaimed rapist, and proud “Proud Boy” from California.


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Romero enjoys taking selfies of himself as he’s getting arrested because he thinks it looks cool, and threatening to rape and kill people who write articles about him. It is believed he was originally triggered by a report from the Guardian that highlighted their violence, and quite honestly, made them look like a bunch of jackasses. Not that they hadn’t accomplished that on their own.

Gavin McInnes had the following emotional breakdown:


Asked if sharing video of [Ethan] Nordean’s punch amounted to the promotion of violence, McInnes called the Guardian a “f**king weak human being”, a “vile little pussy” and a “tepid cunt”. He then ranted about “the media class”, who he said “sit there picking fights, call everyone a Nazi, and then when someone dares defend themselves, and someone else says ‘Yay’, you say: ‘Well you’re promoting violence.’”


In the typical alt-Right fashion, McInnes claims he and his followers are the actual victims of hatred and violence, while in the same breath, spouting hatred and violence. And like the average bigot, he’s apparently too ignorant to recognize his own hypocrisy.


Levi Romero takes a selfie while being arrested. Retrieved from: officialproudboys.com


Deeply humiliated by the report, Romero too thought the logical conclusion would be to validate the observations made by The Guardian. The following video will likely be taken down from YouTube, as previous videos have been removed for violating their hate speech policy. We’ll do our best to appease the YouTube gods, but because of this, we’ve provided a transcript of Romero’s rant below. Viewer (and reader) discretion advised:



The mad ravings of a sexually frustrated Proud Boy:


This is America, bitch. I’ll f**king bring the guns out and f**king blow f**king red, white and blue out their f**king heads, bitch. F**k you. F**k you, bitch. F**k off, bitch!

Now wait, you know what? You’re gonna f**king make a whole article about me that everyone can f**king read? Thousands of people? If you’re a f**king little white f**king cuck from Orange County, guess what? I’ll come up in your bed tonight as a prank and f**king rape your wife, bitch. F**k you. And they won’t even call it a rape because they’ll love it because they have an actual f**king 7” d**k inside of them. Instead of your little f**king micro penis.

Cuck lib-card [we think he meant “libtard”]. F**king f**k you, bitch. What’s up?


Republicans and alt-Right trolls have been openly advocating violence against the media. And yet they pull the victim card when protested out of restaurants. Their followers, in the meantime, take their words seriously and translate them into action.

We’ll provide an update if any legal proceedings develop, though in today’s fascist climate, it’s a tossup. Especially considering Romero has fans like Omar Navarro, a Republican who’s currently running for Congress.


Levi Romero with Omar Navarro. Retrieved from: Twitter

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  1. I support Alex Jones. And what Ethan Nordean did was correct – Antifas was threatening the crowd. Antifas started the whole shit. I will let this one slide. And yes, I am part of the Anonymous collective and unlike CNN and other #fakenews, I am being impartial and unbiased.


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