Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Officially Announces The Pursuance System

The Pursuance System is meant to work as a mechanism that will allow individuals and existing organizations to work together in a parallel civic ecosystem.


It has become increasingly evident over the years that various governments around the world are not subject to the same laws and principles imposed upon their people. This is especially true in America.

In his quest to build a framework for mass collaboration, activism, and state opposition, building upon the dynamics that fueled Anonymous, Barrett Brown officially announced the release of the Pursuance System the world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy, to be launched later this year.

Barrett brings to attention the Nixon administration, a criminalized presidential administration that was brought down over 40 years ago in what has come to be known as the Watergate Scandal. The outcome of this scandal gave American citizens the impression that transgressions against democracy or the Constitution would be punished by Congress.

President Richard Nixon speaks near Orlando, Fla. to the Associated Press Managing Editors annual meeting, Nov. 17, 1973. Nixon told the APME “I am not a crook.” (AP Photo)

Six years later, however, Ronald Reagan “solidified his following by his continual denunciations not of the criminal conduct of that administration, but of the investigation that had brought these things to light.” Additional crimes were organized under Reagan’s administration, and although Congress looked into these crimes, there were no consequences.

Thereafter, it become the steady norm in politics. Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were former Nixon administration officials, and both later went on to serve in the Bush administration. As we now know, Bush’s war in Iraq was illegal. There were no consequences.

Numerous politicians and military officials have gone on the stand before Congress and lied.  This is a felony, and even though we know they lied, there were no consequences.  In fact, many of these individuals still have their jobs.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, admits lying to Congress in 2013. Retrieved from: Hang the Bankers

Weeks can, and have been, spent reporting on the various politicians and government officials who have committed crimes, and received no punishment. It has now become procedure to punish those who bring attention to government’s crime instead.

This political norm that caters to the elite and punishes the common man, has resulted in a militarized police state with unprecedented incarceration rates. And we find ourselves under unconstitutional surveillance by an intelligence community that is not monitored. Barrett writes:

What is the proper role, then, for the citizen who takes citizenship seriously, and counts it a duty to defend the rights not just of Americans but of those populations abroad who ultimately bear the brunt of our civic failings?

For many, the answer is to continue the hard work of engaging within the system—voting, working for better candidates, donating time and money to the organizations that do what they can to prevent things from deteriorating even further. This is entirely appropriate.

But even the reformers are likely to recognize, now, that this may not be sufficient in the face of the political conditions we face—and that the consequences of a morally failed American republic, continuing on its present course for even just another decade, would be irreparable. No competent observer of our current trajectory can today disregard this scenario, or others far worse.”

Barrett has spent eight years developing the Pursuance System, which is meant to work as a mechanism that will allow individuals and existing organizations to work together in a parallel civic ecosystem.

Please read Barrett Brown’s full report at Motherboard for additional details and information. If you would like to donate or be considered for participation, go to If you are an open-source software engineer, contact [email protected], or Twitter @elimisteve.

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