Anonymous leaks Japanese Zoo’s Data in Protest of Animal Rights Abuse



An Anonymous group called KarmaSec has leaked a data trove in protest of animal abuse in Japan. In a tweet, they claimed to have hacked into the server of Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture Tourism Promotion Division’s website.

The group targeted the Akiyoshidai Safari Land Natural Zoo located in Yamaguchi, and threatened to release even more data if the zoo did not release all of its animals. They appear to have even more incriminating data.

Release ALL of the animals! Warning you is too late. Your shit has been leaked to the public. If you do not release the animals we will continue. PS: Smile mother fuckers you have been exposed!


Anonymous had previously brought down Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s official website in protest of Japan’s cruel whaling practices, via #OpKillingBay. They had also hacked several Japanese finance firm’s, the Japanese Ministry of Finance’s, the Financial Services Agency’s and Nissan Motor’s websites.

Last year, Anonymous also took down the world’s largest animal abuse and bestiality forum with #OpBeast.

Sources: HackRead, IB Times, Digital Trends, RT

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  1. the first image is TOTALLY NOT from JAPAN

    it is from FEROE ISLANDS, it is an horrible pic known from the doc; “The Black Harvest”, done by the BBC in 1986 (…also can u find one japanese guy on the pic…?)

    of course it is not good at all from any places on the earth but ANONHQ do u become like all those shitty websites “WTF!” and so on which use ppl or places for describe others places or ppl which is not involved????

    plz verify your sources and don’t mix!

    PS: those things happen in palces closer than japan: feroe islands are in DENMARK!!!!!

  2. @GDS actually feroe islands arte closer to both scotland and iceland….

    That said its a part of Denmark.

    None trhe less, these old killings are where they use all the product from the whales. As i might look scary and bloody only educated whale butchers ( dont recall the exact name) are allowed to do the actual killing making it less stressfull for the animals.

    So as for getting your facts straight 😉

    The only way you can argue against this is actually if youre vegans, as almost all other meat on this planet is killied in less humane ways…

  3. The article is somewhat deflated by the use of the headline pic that I think contains one Japanese or any other oriental person, as GDS said. Come on Anonymous, you’re better than this.


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