1. Looks like a lot of people who tried this had their “payments” reversed. That being said, I can’t help wonder if someone is trying to either sting people into Federal crimes to put them in “for profit” jails or trying to send you to web sites where your social security number may be compromised.

    I’d LOVE to have my credit cards, the $200,000 balance I have in PLUS loans for my son’s college degree wiped away since the principle was only $86,000 and it would be nice to get rid of the accrued $2,000 in penalties the government has been charging me every month for the Bush Medicare Part D scam where you get penalized for life if you couldn’t get a medical policy to add drug coverage (health insurance companies in Hampton Roads Virginia refused to offer a health plan for disabled people so I’ve been billed more and more each month with no idea when the monthly penalty will stop increasing – how our government rapes the poor).

    I think the banking industry has caught on to this loophole in this video and is now simply reversing any payments made using it. Since people using this loophole are poor to begin with, when the payments reverse they lose services until they are paid back.

    Be careful before trying to do this and remember, the bank you made payments from can reverse those at any point whether it’s 24 hours later or 3 months later. If you own a home and all the payments you make with this money are reversed, at some point they can take you to court and take your house from you to satisfy that debt (and I’ve started seeing the “approve to fail” mortgage scam ads on TV again in Florida). The only way to ensure your payments stay paid is to pay them with cash and if you involve cash in a bank, you’ll owe tax on the income and have the government on your rear end trying to find out where the money came from – the whole thing seems convoluted. Use at your own risk.

  2. How can you take money from an acc that you are not the owner of it,you need pin,and much more to transfer money? Isn’t?

  3. Hi I live in the UK and am severely in debt and would class myself below the poverty line, can you help me access my TDA account?

  4. Scam… If only reserves worked that way, and even if they did the federal reserve has already released a statement claiming to reject attempts made by others attempting this in real time. We all know the current zeightgeist and do believe that the places anon are trying to take the money from are correct places. And maybe this is just a message from anon to the government thru the people but I wouldn’t want to be one of those people xD
    Dont get caught in the crossfire guys!!


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