Artist Paints God as Black Woman, People Lose Their Heads on Social Media [Photos]


In the Judeo-Christian Bible, it is said God created the human being in his own image and likeness. According to the Bible, the first human being created was Adam. God later created Eve as a companion for Adam.

From this narrative, the image of God was created. Since God created Adam first, the logic is that God is a male. As Judeo-Christian spread to the West, it was embraced as the official state religion.


The Western world seized the opportunity to portray God as a white Aryan man with a long white beard. For centuries, this has been the image of God in the minds of those introduced to the Judeo-Christian faith.

But somebody is challenging the conventional narrative, angering many. A young female artist, Harmonia Rosales from Chicago has created her version of what she believes is the image of God.

The artist depicts God as a black woman with grey hair. Apart from the controversial painting, Harmonia also painted the first human created by God as a black woman. She named the painting “The Creation of God.”


According to Harmonia, she was drawn to the idea of creating artwork with meaning, producing the paintings to show people that anybody is free to portray God as they believe.

Harmonia explained in an interview with the Black Entertainment Television network Bet Awards:

“I knew my transformation would draw attention to the statement I wanted to make but the point here is to consider why we have accepted our historical representation of the beginning of life, of the Creator. The original representation excludes something very important: women and people of color … Perhaps it is time to rethink.”


Layers…will I be done by friday? #womenempowerment #oilpainting #art #layers #progress #melanin

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In a Buzzfeed interview, Harmonia said she was motivated to challenge two things: white domination over black, and male supremacy over female. She believes it time for equality. To achieve this goal, Harmonia explained she crafted the controversial image to spark serious public discourse.

“I wanted to take a significant painting, a widely recognized painting that subconsciously or consciously conditions us to see white male figures as powerful and authoritative and flip the script, establish a counter-narrative. White figures are a staple in classic art featured in major museums. They are the “masters” of the masterpieces. Why should that continue?” she said.

When Harmonia posted her work on social media, it went viral.


However, some condemned her work, sparking a disturbing social media frenzy. The idea of a black female God attracted angry comments.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while,” one tweet said.

Another tweet: “Imagine if we got paintings of black people and replaced the black people with whites!”

A woman on Instagram further accused Harmonia of plagiarism: “Why bite off someone else’s masterpiece in order to honour black women?”

But Harmonia maintains her work is original.  She said it took time to get the face of her black female God. I wanted to feel the spirit of the painting. No models were used. These faces are purely from my head.”

Whether copied or original, it isn’t the focus. The focus is the remarkable thought that the all-powerful deity revered by many in the world is a black female. It sparks some serious brain exercise.

What do you think? Do you believe in the traditional image and likeness of God being shown to the world for many centuries by white Europeans? Share your opinion with us the in the comments below.

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    • How can you preach tolerance and then call him an uneducated asshat for saying “I think ..”? He just expressed his opinion, you’re obviously the one who needs to learn tolerance. lol.

  1. She maintains that her creation is original because she didn’t use models? Sorry sweetheart but copying (yes, copying) a well known masterpiece for a base, then changing the faces doesn’t show originality to me at all. That would required using your imagination and creativity to paint something unique that you can call original. And besides, Michelangelo didn’t use models on his ORIGINAL masterpiece either, as I’m pretty sure that his god didn’t strike a pose for him while he painted.

    • I agree with you Joe, it is not “original.” It’s different, but it’s not her own. I think if she’s going to paint God as a woman, be it black, white, green, purple or whatever, then she should at least make it her own masterpiece. This isn’t necessarily artwork, it’s just a call for attention and an attempt to gain shock value.

    • This kind of painting is from the renaissance period all artist at that time painted like this, with this kind of theme.
      No one owns this form of painting, the artist has cleverly don a modern twist on Renaissance art. And yes it is her own idea, its pretty hard to create a perfect image of people from just your imagination.

  2. She said that we should rethink our ideas, but why should we? She said that this painting merges between women and people of color which are excluded, but this painting excludes everything else too. It is not original as the artist claims because, in case you forgot, another painting on which this one is based exists. Also, for someone who understands art, this painting cannot come even close to the detailed work of Angelo so many years ago.

    • Excludes everyone else, like black people have been continously excluded, no it is not original, Michael Angelos work is of the Renaissance period, he is not exclusive to this style of painting. And if you every went to art school you would know that being inspired by periods and artist is taught, heavily encouraged, so why is shw different because you don’t like the content.

  3. Scientifically this makes perfect sense because the first mother of humanity came out of Africa. You can’t actually paint a picture depicting our real creator, the Singularity because no one saw her.

  4. Being tolerant doesn’t make you a better person. It just means you have no spine and are willing to put up with the bullshit of others. NOW empathy …there’s something that requires a bit more effort but has it’s own rewards. peace ya al. 😉

  5. This is a beautiful work of art! We are all children of God created in the image of the creator her personification is a personal expression of a loving and caring entity. What a gift our sister has!

  6. I think it looks pretty cool. I mean it’s not exactly “original” but you can pretty much tell what the person who did it was feeling. However at the same time, I also have to say, I’m not one to condone or admire the “recreating” of a Michael Angelo painting. If you want to express yourself by painting god as a black woman, then make it your own painting. It’s not exactly “creative” to base your artwork off of someone else’s. It’s getting more and rarer to see artists with their own originality these days. It’s almost as if Originality has become extinct.

  7. I’m white and even I KNOW that Jesus isn’t fair-skinned with light hair and eyes! God could VERY well be a woman and men’s egos couldn’t handle it, so we females became “helpers”…who is to say until the end? Then we will know for sure….

  8. Hindu,Jews,Christians and Muslims have to thank Kemet Egypt and all the Gods of Egypt for their God concept,.. Kemet Egypt laid down the foundation for the religion of the world, information and the Gods was stolen off the Temple walls of Kemet Egypt,then corrupted and created evil new religion of the world.. Investigate for yourself, God Amun Ra becomes Adam in evil religion,God Horus becomes Jesus… Please inform me again about who’s copying who ??? Hindu,Jews,Christians and Muslims would not have any religion or God if information was not stolen off the Temple Walls of Kemet Egypt., they change the names of the Gods of Egypt and created new evil Gods and evil religion…


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