Being the Dominate Alpha Won’t Always Create Happiness

Is the Alpha really all that it’s cracked up to be? The stereotype isn’t always the ideal choice. Here are some traits of the Omega male to show they are still worthy of our attention, as opposed to the leader of the pack.

alpha male

When we think in terms of the type of male and female that exists, we think in terms of Alpha or Omega. The general consensus is the Alpha rises to the top, using their leadership skills and dominant personality, while everyone else follows.

But is the Alpha really all that it’s cracked up to be? The stereotype isn’t always the ideal choice and there are numerous reasons why the Omega male is still up there with the Alpha. Here are some traits of the Omega male to show they are still worthy of our attention, as opposed to the leader of the pack.

Empathy Counts

The Alpha male rarely possesses empathy. If they did, they wouldn’t rise to the top, with a high number of high level executives possessing sociopathic tendencies. Instead, the Omega fills the void and identifies with the person to see the world through another’s eyes. It’s a pragmatic approach that often finds the resolution that many others tend to overlook. It also helps when building genuine relationships.

The Introvert

While the Alpha male tends to be center of attention, the Omega male offers a more introverted energy that is less draining on the crowds. Instead of exuding the arrogance, the introvert is happy mingling with the crowd and relating to all those willing to talk with him.

Independent Worker, Independent Thinker

Without needing the crowd to constantly appraise his work, the Omega male is happy being left to his own devices. There is no need to belong to a group or a clique, and thus is very capable of methodical thinking and getting the job done with minimal guidance.

On a more personal level, the Omega has no need to follow the crowd or contribute to groupthink. The ego is less likely to get in the way too, making the Omega male an ideal partner who prefers his privacy rather than announce his dinner choice to his Facebook fans.

The Romantic

The Omega male, without the need to compete for ego like his Alpha leader, will find the time to pay attention to their relationships. There’s less need to show off to his friends or boast about accomplishments, and therefore rivalry isn’t an issue. It’s not that the Omega male isn’t ambitious, he is. It’s just that without the interference of impressing the next person, the Omega male has more time to focus on what matters.

The Chill Factor

The Omega man doesn’t need to be the life of the party. As described above, the ego plays second fiddle. Rather than fight over the lesser things, the Omega will happily walk away and turn the other cheek. This isn’t a weakness; the need to fight isn’t always looked upon favorably by the crowds and negotiating is a strong skill.

Kind and gentle, the Omega male will settle down with a family before the Alpha contemplates their suitable mate from his groupies. He will also prefer the intelligent, deep conversation and a few life-long friends over a herd of acquaintances.


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  1. i like the idea of omegas and alphas but then there are also betas. omegas are like betas because they have no desire to lead others but they are like alphas because they have no desire to follow others. betas are fundamentally stupid and weak but there are a lot of them in the world. they take orders either because they are literally too stupid to do anything else or because they fundamentally don’t love themselves or respect themselves enough to take the responsibility of figuring out the truth for themselves. alphas are smart and strong but many are sociopathic and also don’t love themselves so they filter into corporate or governmental institutions and take advantage of others. the smartest alphas deceive other alphas into thinking they’re doing good but they’re really hurting, that is what the illuminati is up to, creating the illusions of this world. yeah it’s real. stupid beta order followers and sociopathic alphas are about equally to blame for the problems of this world imo, what is needed is for more people to evolve into omegas and respect themselves enough to neither try to lead nor follow


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