Boston Teen Microwaves Her Turtle To Death, Posts Pictures Online

The 15-year-old girl killed her baby pet turtle because she was bored and she thought it would be funny. Like seriously???


If selfies with dead dolphins or suicides on Facebook Live weren’t enough, the adventure crazy netizens have found a new way to find fame instantly – cook their pets alive in a microwave and post the horrifying pictures online for the world to see.

Crossing all limits of humanity, a 15-year-old Boston girl, Jonasia Simpson, recently posted before and after pictures of her pet turtle melting away in a microwave on social media probably thinking it will give her her 15 minutes of fame. Despite the gruesome murder, she felt no remorse for killing a living innocent creature.

turtleBut, in the end, she got much more what she wanted; she got what she deserved. She got bashed hard left, right, and center for the shocking display of animal cruelty.

Though Simpson deleted her Facebook account in no time after the Internet exploded in anger, an online petition has been launched in a bid to get the Boston Police Department to investigate her psychopathic actions and press animal cruelty charges. The petition on claims:

“Earlier this week, around or on the day of May 17, 2017, a young woman (around 15 years old) by the name of Jonasia Simpson put her family’s pet turtle in their microwave, cruelly and inhumanely putting it to death for no reason other than that she was bored. Her mother, Shanitha Blocker, was made aware of the atrocious and horrendous act, and instant of taking action or disciplining her daughter, she laughed and supported her daughter’s actions. 

“Not only did Jonasia kill her family pet, and not only did her mother support the actions, but they have shown together a complete disregard for the lives and welfare of all animals. Charges of animal cruelty must be brought against the two of them and they must be imprisoned or at the very least fined to the full extent of the law in the hopes that they never again get the opportunity to kill or harm another innocent, helpless animal.”


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    • Making this about race won’t help. And since we can’t see your face, maybe you’re a black person so think it is alright to spout epithets like this anytime you choose. OK well while that may be a valid attitude it still has little if anything to do with the fact that this is the action of a dangerous sociopath who it seems has no regard for the suffering of those who trust their life to her.
      We all regardless of background are responsible for our own decisions and actions and till we all recognize this fact statements like yours will continue to sow prejudice and disregard for the accountability of our actions when innocent victims get in our way.
      We can all do better. We must. And any society that tolerates less needs to man up and clean house. We don’t need them or any of your lame excuses. Moving on –

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  1. Anonymous thank you for doing this keep up the good work smear shame and embarrassment all those who are are cruel to animals or cruel to humans.

  2. Yes it’s stupid and she probably needs help.

    Tell me why chiefs putting live lobsters into boiling water is any different?

    Just a thought…

    • Because people will actually eat them!! She had no intention on eating the fucking turtle she did it out of pure cruelty! It was a pet! When tf have you had a lobster for a pet? Seriously!?

    • The difference is the lobster is killed for a reason. If we go around saying anyone who kills an animal should be convicted for it then we’d be forced to be vegan. The turtle was only killed for amusement.

    • Probably because chefs don’t put live lobsters in boiling water?? You’re supposed to kill it, then cook it. Not bombard it with microwaves until it explodeds from the inside out.

      • Um, Ryan, you can’t kill a lobster before cooking it… they are boiled alive. They are also bottom feeders and food. But you’re right about them not being microwaved for several minutes before exploding.

        • Actually, the most humane way of cooking a lobster is to chill it (for numbing purposes) and use a sharp knife to cut through its head, then cut the rest in half and cook as desired after.

      • Exactly. As a chef myself, and someone who understands biology, lobsters die after .5 of a second being in boiling water. They live in cold water anything above 5 degrees kills them. when people tell you that you can hear them scream, its actually air escaping the space between their flesh and shell.

  3. They should have these classes, made mandatory in schools, primarily in elementary school….1. Actions & Consequences…. 2. Emotions….and 3. Manners…… I believe that would put a stop to such shit in the future…

    • I don’t think you understand people like this very well. No class will make them better. No counselor will make them better. No jail time or fine will make them better. The most that will happen is she will learn how to pretend to have a conscience and hide her true motives and actions better. Fun fact: serial killers tend to start with animals while young.


  5. Kill this thing before it reproduces. Loser never gonna amount to shit anyhow. No one would miss this thing if it was killed

  6. THIS, this is why we need to re-instate the death penalty.
    “So, cause she kills animals she should die”
    No but the threat of death might stop her from killing, just an idea.

  7. That’s just so nasty and disgusting :/ what else would she be willing to just kill during her boredom ??

    Michael although you have a good point the difference is the fact that the lobster is intended food, I doubt that if you had a pet lobster though rare people do it would not be boiled … with this turtle is was not only a pet but killed for no purpose other then to entertain the bored teenager cause she had absolutely nothing else she could do with her time …………

  8. Has anybody stop an think what kinda life she has been through? That’s a thought. Her mother laughed an was encouraging her. Just maybe she gets it from her mom. They both deserve to face their consequences. But who are we to wish the same hater against her. All lives matter even people who deserve to live their miserable lives out in a small dark room. Some much HATE everywhere.

  9. Poor lil turtle These people have no good in them. But has anyone thought about the fact that she’s still being made famous. Negative fame pays better these days that positive fame. Why do you think Kanye West acts the way he does? And another perfect example is “Cash me outside girl” everyone hates her and she’s raking in millions because of it!! Stop making evil ignorant people rich and famous!!! It just encourages more to do the same.

  10. I propose to build a meat grinder for human filth such as this. Only then can we turn them into something useful… Like fertilizer.

  11. Worthless inner-city trash “family”. Microwave them… I bet no one would even notice they’re gone.

  12. Dumb fucking thot needs to be shoved in the microwave. I hope she never touches another innocent small animal again. Same with that other cunt who tried to microwave her guinea pig. Sick bitches shouldn’t be out roaming the streets if they find it entertaining to injure and kill animals.

  13. For the love of god someone chop her to pieces and microwave her dumbass alive cause she is fucking retarded….that is beyond messed up.

  14. Jonasia Simpson- stupid girl, ugly soul in ugly body. I can see that FB blocked here acount- was it worth it? to kill animal to get ‘likes’?
    Link to petition to punish her for animal cruelty-I can only hope that American authorities take that case seriously to prevent futher similar incidents in future, such as killing a dog for fun, or drowning a cat to take picture.

  15. All 50 states have animal cruelty felony provisions- in Massachusetts :
    $5,000-10,000 fine and/or 7-10 years prison.

  16. Why don’t I cut you in pieces and put you in the microwave (You are only a waste of skin) everybody will get over it easily.

  17. “And instant of taking action…” seriously people? Do we not proofread? Especially for something as serious as this? #appalled #disgusted #JusticeForSquirt

  18. Why didn’t she put the elephant inside too?
    – ‘Cause she didn’t had one!
    – It wouldn’t fit!


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