BREAKING: 22 Dead 59 Injured in Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack

Police are calling the explosions at Manchester Arena, that so far have seen 19 killed and a further 50 injured, a terrorist attack.

Manchester Arena

What we know so far:

  • A lone suicide bomber died at scene after exploding an ‘improvised explosive device’ or IED.
  • 22 fatalities, some of them children.
  • A further reported 59 injured.
  • Police say the attack appears to have been carried out by a lone man but are investigating into possible networks.
  • The suspected suicide bombing is being treated as a terrorist attack.
  • The explosion occurred in the foyer of Manchester Arena shortly after an Ariana Grande concert.

At least 22 fatalities and 59 injured have been reported after an ‘explosion’ occurred in the foyer of the 21, 000 capacity Manchester Arena. The now confirmed ‘explosion’ occurred during an Ariana Grande performance.

Nearby transportation running out of Manchester’s Victoria Station is in the process of being closed down and police have issued a statement asking people to avoid the area while emergency services deal with the “incident.”

The police are treating this as a suspected terrorist attack involving a single suicide bomber. Two riot vans, armed police, and at least 10 police cars have been sighted alongside five ambulances as part of the major response. A bomb disposal unit has also been called in. 

Manchester Arena

One witness who was at the concert, Hannah, told the Guardian that she heard what was “quite a loud explosion heard from inside the Manchester arena and it shook, then everyone screamed and tried to get out.

“As we got outside, lots of police came racing towards the area and the whole of the Victoria train station was surrounded by police.”

She also said people were screaming and shouting that there’s a bomb “and also people were saying there’s a shooter so we ran and jumped into a taxi.”

Official statements in the media have avoided using any terminology relating to a possible terror attack, only confirming fatalities and that they’re in the process of dealing with a ‘serious incident.’

Britain is on terrorist alert level “severe”, the second highest level for the nation.

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