BREAKING: China To Ban All Petrol And Diesel Cars


(Truth Theory) To curb the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and benefit the environment, China is planning to end the sales of petrol and diesel cars — following in the footsteps of France and Britain. Though no definitive date has been given, China’s industry minister is presently developing a timetable to end the production and sale of conventional fuel cars. The country, which is renowned for abhorrent air quality, will also promote the development of electric technology.

This development is monumental, considering China is the biggest auto market by number of vehicles sold. The country also has the biggest electric car market, after passing the United States last year. The Independent reports that in 2016, sales of electric and non-petrol vehicles rose by an astonishing 50 percent, or 40 percent of global demand.

In July of this year, France and Britain announced they will stop the sales of petrol and diesel automobiles by 2040. This is to reduce pollution and curb carbon emissions which propel climate change — resulting in worsening natural disasters such as Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Deputy industry minister Xin Guobin said on Saturday that Beijing has plans to “elevate new energy vehicles to a new strategic level.” Goubin also said this his ministry has begun “research on formulating a timetable to stop production and sales of traditional energy vehicles,” reports Xinhua News Agency.

Beijing has already begun stepping up pressure on car makers to accelerate the development of eco-friendly alternatives. The city has also ordered state-owned Chinese power companies to speed up installation of charging stations to increase the appeal of electric cars. China’s Communist leaders are also pushing for an end to conventional vehicles to end the population’s dependence on imported oil. Electric cars are viewed as a promising industry in which their country can take an early lead.

Though there are deadlines and kinks in the plan that still have to be worked out, we applaud this initiative as China is setting an unprecedented example for other countries to follow.

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