Chinese Media Publishes Nuclear Attack Survival Guide, Warns People At NK Border


Jilin Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, close to North Korea border, has published a full-page nuclear attack survival guide on what readers can do in case of a nuclear weapons attack or explosion.

The ‘common sense’ advice, published after U.S. bombers flew over the Korean peninsula as part of a large-scale joint military drills with South Korea and after Hawaii began testing its warning system to alert the residents amid fears of a catastrophic war, includes colorful cartoons informing civilians on the effects of nuclear weapons and how to protect themselves.

According to RT:

“The report describes in detail how dangerous nuclear weapons can be and what happens following the explosion. Light radiation, blast waves, early-stage nuclear radiation, nuclear electromagnetic pulses, and radioactive pollution can cause serious destruction and casualties. Apart from detailed descriptions of the effects, the piece also discusses wartime air raids.

“The practical part instructs people caught in an attack both inside and outside to take cover once they see the flash of an explosion, feel shock-waves, and are affected by optical radiation. People who are outside during a nuclear attack should lie down or dive into water if possible. Those who are indoors should lie in a corner or hide under a table or bed, and as soon as the shock wake passes, immediately close the doors and windows to prevent radioactive dust from entering the house.”

The guide —  titled “General Knowledge About Nuclear Weapons and Protection” — features a series of cartoons outlining what should be done in the event of a nuclear attack.
A full-page page article about prevention and protection against nuclear attack.

Why Did They Publish Such An Article?

Over a week ago, North Korea tested its ballistic missile, which went farther than its predecessor, which was capable of dropping nuclear warhead anywhere on the American soil.

What Will China Do?

China is trying its best to dodge the Korean conflict. However, in case a war broke out, the state would do everything to minimize its impact on both side of the border. State-run Global Times writes “China needs to brace for the worst scenario and nuclear-related publicity is needed, but there is no need to panic”:

“Seoul and Tokyo are within the range of war on the peninsula, but they continue unaffected. Despite its adjacency to North Korea, Northeast China is safer than South Korea. Moreover, the current northwesterly wind on the peninsula is also favorable. The only disadvantage of Jilin is its proximity to Pyongyang’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site.”

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