Chrome 55 Update Allows You to Download Websites, Movies, and Audio

Chrome 55

Chrome is working on pushing out a new update for their Android app (not beta or dev version, but full version) and will be rolling it out rather quickly. For those that are ‘inside’ users, you will be treated with four key alterations. The first alteration is the easier downloading of music, videos, and even full web pages. This is a ‘convince’ step, as we can view our contents offline at a later time desired. Another feature is that Chrome will highlight the misspelled words, giving some improvements to the contextual search UI engine.

I’m not sure about you, but I do a lot of offline web reading for research purposes. Thanks to our friends at Google, they are striving to make offline viewing and reading much easier, allowing to save the content directly to your device’s storage. You can now easily download any random article, as well as any multimedia content directly with the article in question, to view offline.

Don’t worry though, like usual, the Chrome will still continue to have its spread of security updates, as well as stable patches. While the Chrome 55 for Android is rolling out this week, Chrome 55 for desktop has already made its way to the stable channel just last week.

You can download your copy of Chrome 55 for Android Here.

You can download your copy of Chrome 55 for Desktop Here.

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  1. I find their browser the most insecure I believe their browser engine is insecure, firefox also has a problem with it’s widgets I prefer seamonkey but it’s process can also bee spoofed {mostly new window} this causes the browser to almost stop I think it is RAM. Text browsers are the most secure of course you have to know your source code and I would like to keep them safe.


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