Controversial Heineken Ad Proves People ‘Worlds Apart’ Can Still Come Together [Video]


(Truth Theory) Rather than shy away from issues which pervade present-day society, beer company Heineken chooses to confront them head-on. In one of its most recent advertisements,, the beer-maker asks the question: “Can two strangers with opposing viewpoints prove there’s more that unites than divides us?” Though it is controversial, the powerful video is worth watching.

In the ad, six people with clashing political and social views are broken into pairs. They are then asked to work together to complete a task (building a stool). A climate-denier is paired with a climate activist; a man who says feminism is “man-hating” is paired with a woman is a “feminist 100%”; and, a transgender woman is coupled with a man who believes transgender is “not right.”

The viewer is tempted to prepare for the worst, considering each pair is complete opposites. However, the unthinkable and unimaginable instead occurs. As they build the stool, the participants get to know each other; in addition to sharing five adjectives they’d personally use to describe themselves, they reveal three things they have in common with their partner.

Before long, one woman says to her partner: “We know each other better than people who’ve known each other for 10 minutes should.” And that’s just the beginning…

The following video has received more than 1.5 million views. After watching it, you’ll understand why:

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