Disturbing Photos of South Asia Floods — Which Killed 1,400 — No One Is Talked About


(True Activist) To point out that mainstream media and Western news sources often blackout whole subjects or ignore certain events is not surprising or new information, and yet it’s shocking every time it happens with something huge. That ‘something huge’ this time is a devastating flood that wreaked havoc on South Asian nations at the same time that Hurricane Harvey destroyed everything in its path in parts of Texas and Louisiana. The flooding in South Asia, however, has proved to be much deadlier and yielded little to no media coverage.

The victims of Tropical Storm Harvey has been estimated at about 60 as the cleanup continues following the devastating flooding, and the U.S. news has been fraught with updates about rescues and the water levels. While Harvey was a result of a hurricane that hit southeast Texas, the flooding in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh was caused by monsoons that are common during this time of year but reached record levels. So far, the death toll in these nations has reached over 1200.

Photos from the regions affected by the horrible flooding have surfaced and it’s truly heartbreaking. On top of the many deaths, millions have been left homeless as their homes have been covered in water and countless animals have died. International aid agencies and the government have been stepping in to offer help, provide food and water, and find shelter, but resources are running thin and they can always use more donations. If you would like to help these people regain their footing as the flooding subsides, you can make a donation to GlobalGiving here.

Scroll through the photos below to see the effects of mother nature on these nations.

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