Evidence of Life after Death? New Study Reveals Human Brain is Active after Death


Death still remains a mystery to mankind. In the natural world, scientists and researchers have been trying to understand what happens after death—whether indeed there is life after death, as claim by believers of the supernatural world.

The topic is increasingly becoming controversial among the scientific community. But despite the controversy, research on life after death is still ongoing.

According to a new study by a group of doctors from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, brain activity continues for more than 10 minutes after the human body appears to have died.

The doctors observed a patient in intensive care and found out that the patient’s brain continued to work after the patient had been declared clinically dead. They reported observing the same kind of brain waves in the dead patient [whose pulse had stopped and whose pupils were nonreactive] as it occurs during deep sleep in healthy people.

The doctors reported observing seeing “single delta wave bursts” in the brain of the patient after the cessation of cardiac rhythm and arterial blood pressure. Only one of the four people studied exhibited the long-lasting and mysterious brain activity, the doctors pointed out.

The doctors have published their study in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, warning their finding raises ethical problems as to when it is appropriate to remove donor organs in patients who appear to have died.

The doctors admitted their research sample is too small, urging people not to draw conclusions from the study. But they also said nobody should think what they observed was a mistake, given that all of the equipment they used to confirm death in the hospital were working fine.

The study has shed new light on what happens to the human brain after death.

Researchers had previously reported that almost all brain activity ended in one huge mysterious surge about a minute after death. But those studies were based on rats – and the research found no comparable effect in humans. “We did not observe a delta wave within 1 minute following cardiac arrest in any of our four patients,” they write in the new study.

Despite the new finding, scientists say what happens to the human body and mind after death is still a mystery. Two studies conducted in 2016 on what happens to the human body after death found the humans genes to be functioning more energetically days after the research subjects had died.

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