Flat Earth Believers Say Solar Eclipse Proved Earth Is Flat [Video]


On August 21, the U.S. experienced a magnificent solar eclipse, generating barrage of discussions among both mainstream and alternative scientists about the extraordinary event.

For mainstream scientists, solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and when the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun, casting shadow on the Earth. This is said to be possible because the Earth is spherical, orbiting the Sun and the Moon revolving around the Earth.

But the solar eclipse proved alternative researchers, who believe the Earth is flat and not spherical, right. The Flat Earthers say the August 21 solar eclipse is the final prove that the Earth is indeed flat. According to them, there was something strange mainstream scientists refused to disclose to the public during the eclipse. Since scientists are refusing to tell the truth, Fat Earthers state they would reveal it.

First, Flat Earthers question that if the Earth is rotating from west to east, the shadow cast by the Moon should pass across Earth’s surface from east to west, just as the Sun moves across the sky. They believe this is very odd and needs clear explanation from the scientific community.

Below is a video put together by a flat Earth believer explaining why he thinks the eclipse proves the Earth is flat.

Apart from the video, Flat Earth believers also argue that if the Moon is indeed revolving around the Earth as mainstream scientists say, then the shadow the Moon casts on the Earth has to be bigger than the Moon itself.

A group of flat Earth believers tested this assumption by turning on a flash light and shining it at a quarter against the wall. From the experiment, if they moved the quarter closer or farther from the wall, the shadow was always bigger than the quarter itself.

The image below is a comparison of what the Flat Earthers were expecting to see, a massive shadow significantly larger than the Moon itself.

Other Flat Earthers also put up a video on YouTube punching holes in the incredible image NASA took after the eclipse. They claim that the image as a Computer Generated Image and that it was a “FAKE ECLIPSE”, adding that the agency is deceiving people.

The American rapper B.o.B, a Flat Earther, took to Twitter to share his skepticism about the solar eclipse. He sarcastically tweeted: “It’s so amazingly beautiful how the moon isn’t visible before and after a total solar eclipse #SolarEclipse17 #FknScienceBro… so when the moon finally scoots over, will i be able to see it ???”


When asked what is causing the solar eclipse if it wasn’t the Moon, he just replied “Rahu”, referencing the mythological figures Rahu and Ketu used by the ancient Vedic culture to explain astronomical events.

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  1. Ah, ok, this is great comedy. xD
    But the video “proves” nothing. I thought there would be shown some photos or videos of the earth’s edge. xD

  2. wow… really the brain is an amazing thing… and the internet is so as well… I am from the 70s, so I remember the times without internet and global social networks and, and now I enjoy a world in which we have all the knowledge of the world and human species at the click of a button… and when that technological phenomenon started in the 90s I thought that ignorance would become a thing of the past, and the acceleration of inventions and eradication of stupidity will be complete and global… but… now I confirm, once again, that the internet, yet fulfilling my vision of spreading knowledge, I see that it does spread stupidity as well… and the danger of stupidity is that is contagious, and makes people lazy… lazy to research on their own and learn the why of things by themselves… no… instead it becomes easier to just read or watch what is thrown at us through the profiles of stupid people… and one stupid becomes two, and soon enough a million stupids become two million, etc, etc.
    unfortunately, I have to be an engineer to understand or see the stupid concepts upon which this flat earth claims are based… and see all the misconceptions and flaws of thought that can regurgitate from the people that have bigger mouths than brains, and then all the rest that get confuse by them or follow them blindly… it is a sad picture.
    I have written enough about this topic… and I honestly get tired of doing so, because usually the truth is not what flat-earthers are looking for, but the scandal, the attention, and the hunger for mysteries and conspiracies, even where there are none… nevertheless… I will write again a little bit on the topic at hand… and I will just leave ideas, each one of which should be researched by the curious mind that feels inclined to do so… because relaying on one person’s word is never the way to learn anything.
    The first huge mistake that all flat-earthers make is to forget about the scale of things in the universe. There is where they get confused all along.
    First of all… TIME… if we dare to compress all the time that the universe has been expanding from the big bang till now, into a “one year calendar”, then the big bang occurred on January 1st exactly at midnight, and the actual now is the midnight of December 31st (one year after). In this calendar, the solar system appears only on September 9th, life upon the earth surges on the 30th of that month, the first dinosaur appears on December 25th, and the first primates on December 30th. The most primitive Homo sapiens appear 10 minutes before midnight of the last day of the year, and the whole human history uses only the las 21 seconds of the calendar. With this scale of time, the average human age lasts about 0.15 seconds. With this scale, we have 438 years every second, 1’580,000 years per hour and 37’800,000 years per day. Then… if our entire human existence lasts about 21 seconds within this super accelerated time scale, could we even perceive the movements of a star in our sky during such a short time?… let alone the whole 21 seconds, and try to notice any movement during the 0.15 seconds that our short life spans… the answer is NO, we couldn’t, and we can’t… then… we cannot perceive with our eyes any movement of the stars, nor the sun traveling across the universe, nor the galaxies changing positions relative to ours, etc, etc… just science lets us know about it due to our wonderful brain that can deduct and learn those things by understanding the mechanics of nature.
    With this scale we can open the eyes of most flat-earthers’ misconceptions, but, I know, that isn’t enough… and that’s what annoys me… that in reality is never enough for them, because they are not looking for a truth per se… no… they are just enjoying the ride of conflict.
    Second… SPACE… here again we need to get a better idea about the scale of things… which usually escapes our normal imagination… Let us imagine reducing the earth to the size of the head of a needle (about 2 millimeters wide = 0.039 inches)… then, what would be the size of our solar system?. The sun would have a diameter of 20 centimeters (0.79 inches) and it would be at a distance of about 250 meters (820 feet) from the earth… though in reality the sun is at a distance of 150 million kilometers (93.2 million miles) from the earth. Jupiter would measure about 2.5 centimeters (about 1 inch) and it would be located at a distance of 90 meters (295 feet) from the earth. Neptune, the farthest planet of the solar system would be at 670 meters (2198 feet) from the earth, and its size would be like a coffee grain (7.8mm = 0.31 inches). Mercury’s size would be 0.8mm = 0.031 inches, Venus 1.8mm = 0.07 inches, Mars 1mm = 0.039 inches, Saturn 18mm = 0.71 inches, Uranus 8mm = 0.31 inches. Another different scale: 390,000 kilometers (242,335 miles) is the average distance between the earth and the moon. If we would shrink the earth to the size of a basketball, then the moon would be the size of a baseball, and they would be separated a distance of 7.6 meters (about 25 feet). These analogies exist in the real world, if we visit Sweden, where they built the largest scale of a solar system in the world, at a scale of 1:20 million, in the city of Stockholm, where the sun is, known as “the Globe”, which is also the biggest spherical building in the world (110 meters diameter = 360 feet). Then, all the planets are spread throughout the Swedish geography at equivalent distances within the scale. From Mercury (at 2.9 kilometers from the Globe = 1.8 miles, and of a size of 25 centimeters diameter = 9.8 inches) to Pluto (at 300 kilometers = 186 miles and 65 centimeters diameter = 25.6 inches), going through Jupiter (at 40 kilometers = 24.8 miles), Saturn (at 73 kilometers = 45.4 miles), Uranus (at 143 kilometers = 88.9 miles) and Neptune (at 229 kilometers = 142.3 miles). And all this only for our own solar system. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there are millions of suns. And we even form part of the 140,000 million galaxies that possibly exist in the visible universe. Just like Joel Levy points out in “100 scientific analogies”, the astrophysicist Bruce Gregory has calculated that if all of these galaxies were beans, we would have enough beans to fill a whole stadium. That is equivalent to 140,000 million. Thus, we are talking about humongous distances and sizes. The farthest objects discovered so far are only light images coming from far away explosions that happened about 13,000 million light years from the earth. Which means that the light of such explosions have been traveling through space during a time span equivalent to the age of the universe, which is estimated of 13,700 million years. Though, the fastest speed that a human made object has reached (the Helios 2) is approximately 250,000 kilometers per hour (155,342 miles per hour), and even at that speed, the time that will take to get to the closest star (proxima centauri) would be 18,000 years.
    Having said that, I close with the third important concept… LIGHT… light is a fascinating physical phenomenon that has to be understood to be able to understand many other things. I’m not going to get into the depths of the theory of relativity, but just need to clarify a few concepts of how light works. Regardless of the energy transferred and the photons and all those wonderful things, I want to talk about the way light is emitted and then about the frequency at which certain colors of the light travel. We all know light is the sum of colors… we all know that the color white is the sum of all colors combined… and we know that the sun emits white light. So, within the light that the sun emits, we have all the colors of the spectrum combined, that is red, blue, yellow and all the others, but, what we usually tend to forget, is that every color of light travels at different frequencies, and the frequency determines the way we see those colors and the way they interact with other elements… no only that, but the particles and dust elements that are in the medium through which the light travels will interfere too to the way we see the light… thus… when the white light enters our atmosphere and goes through our air we see it blue, but when the air has more water than dust, then we see it white, thus the white clouds… but when the distance of the light traveling through our atmosphere increases, then the blue color frequency gets lost and the red frequency remains, regardless of water vapor in the air… thus the red-ish sunsets and clouds during a sunset. Another example that I have to put forth, is the fact that when we see a clear night sky from within the city, we see it pitch black or with very few stars, but when we see a clear night sky from a faraway place, like in the mountains or forest in the middle of nowhere, then we see millions of stars in the very same sky… why is that?… because the light that our cities emit outward blinds our eyes from perceiving the stars that are right there too… and in this manner, during the day, the light that our atmosphere reflects to us from the sun light blinds us from seeing anything else in the sky beyond our atmosphere, like the moon in its “new moon phase”… because “new moon” means that all the light taken by the moon from the sun is at the opposite side of the face that points our way, so is all shadow to us… and our shinny atmosphere blinds us from that… unless the moon is in another face, then we get to see even during the day, the lighted part of the moon, but just the lighted part. The other thing is how light is emitted from a source. It is important to understand that light gets emitted in all directions form every point… that is, light from this source is emitted to all directions, and the light form the next point gets emitted to all directions as well… so… light doesn’t travel like a straight line, but more like an sphere growing rapidly in all directions… unless this light is directed like a laser or a lantern, in which case is called a light beam. Then, if light is emitted in all directions from every single point, then we can start to understand how the sun light is emitted too… in all directions from every point of the sun… and being the distances so great between earth and the sun, it is useful to portray the light coming to us as if in a straight line, because for all uses and purposes, any divergence is totally negligible. Then… what about the shadow of the moon casted over earth?… well… any toddler will know that the shadow grows in the distance as the objects separates from the reference point… but… given the distances, there are only a few spots in our surface that will match the position of moon against the sun perfectly aligned… and not only aligned but congruent in size too… and there (in those spots)is where the magic happens… because in reality the whole earth is shadowed by the moon (or at least great parts of it much larger than the moon itself) but not in the same intensity that happens in those aligned areas we mentioned.
    Let me explain better. Have you seen those pictures in which the person is grabbing the sun as if the sun was literally at his hands?… you do realize that is an effect of perspective, right?… the sun in reality is much farther than the person… and if the person puts his head perfectly aligned between the sun and the camera lens, we would have a person with a really glowy head, covering perfectly the sun, matching the size of the sun with the size of his head… which doesn’t mean that the sun is as small as a person’s head, nor that the head of the man is as big as the sun… it is just a matter of perspective… so… the magic of the special shadow effect happens only during the perfect alignment of the elements… though the shadow of the head is much larger than his head itself by my end, I don’t get to see the special effect of glowiness until the perfect alignment happens. And the perfect alignment will be obvious to my position, even when is not going to be that obvious for the person sitting a few meters from me… it is just one spot… one moment… and then is gone… BUT… if the sizes of the planets are so great and we are so puny, then, that single spot so hard to get aligned to, is a few kilometers wide… and it travels at the same speed of the planets moving… so… that’s why we see the moon entering in the sun pathway (our perspective), not being able to see it before (the new moon blindness of our blue atmosphere) and then apparently stopping for a while when perfectly aligned to our eyes… because the great size (kilometers wide) of the special darkest spot of perfect alignment is still moving over us from one edge to the opposite edge of the perfectly aligned darkest spot of the shadow… even though the blurry shadow (the not perfectly aligned and greater in size than the source) is much much larger than this magic aligned spot called TOTAL ECLIPSE… that’s why other areas get partial eclipses… that’s why the whole earth (or great areas) gets colder climates… that’s why many oceans get affected by this phenomenon, because the light is coming from all directions, and the shadow of the moon is indeed much larger than the moon… but the special perfect alignment spot happens only in seldom places for short times.
    Have I made myself clear??
    There are plenty of other reasons for flat earthers to claim their doubts… but all of them are based on ignorance on these or other base concepts… but the love of conspiracy is greater than the love of truth.
    I will have to write a book about this topic… debunking each and every single point the flat earthers use to sustain their theory… and I bet I will make a ton of money and media exposure for it… how sad it is that in times such as this, that we have the greatest technology and access to knowledge of all times, I’d have a chance to make money based on the stupidity of others. Unfortunately stupidity is contagious, se we have to stop it whenever and any way we can.
    Point of clarification: stupidity is not an insult, no… stupidity, in regards to knowledge, is not the lack of knowledge, but the decision not to acquire new available knowledge about a topic, just to remain the same. On the same note, intelligence is not the abundance of knowledge, but the decision and ability to acquire new knowledge about a topic, to grow.

  3. I saw nothing depicting a flat earth, in the explanation. All that saw was an explanation of how light and shadows work on a spherical object not a flat one. If you want your explanation to have merit, how about you show us on a flat earth how things really work in your flat 2 dimensional reality. I see no proof what so ever of a flat earth, how can anyone take you seriously if your proof of a flat earth is shown on a spherical object. Twas entertaining, thanks for the laugh.

  4. I guess they’ve never heard of backlighting washing out a subject & obscuring it from view. Such basic science & its missed by otherwise intelligent individuals.


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