Former Mexican President Shows Trump How To Avoid Nuclear War In Humorous Video


(Truth Theory) Vicente Fox may no longer be the President of Mexico, but he is still concerned for the country’s well-being — and the world’s, now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Recently, the former leader sat down with comedy site Super Deluxe for a new video in which he gave President Trump some “advice” on how to avoid starting a nuclear war.

As Huffington Post reports, Fox said to Trump: “I know you don’t want to end the world, but you’re a hot-tempered man, Donald. And when it comes to war, it is important to slow down. So I made a list of five questions that I want you to ask yourself before you push the button.”

The politician then outlines the questions, all the while poking fun at things such as Trump’s low approval rating and his deferment from the Vietnam War. He even went as far as suggesting Trump play video games, such as “Call of Duty,” with Bill O’Reilly to reduce some of his angst.

While Vicente’s tactic in addressing President Trump is questionable, it served a purpose in reminding civilians that more is at stake right now than one man’s ego.

“Now, I know patience is not your strong suit so I looked up some tips in a book about toddlers,” said Fox. “It said when a little kid gets fidgety, sometimes a treat can help. So I suggest you keep a bag of cookies in the nuclear suitcase, and that way, if you ever open it, you find the yummy cookies and maybe you don’t feel like ending all life on earth.”

Fox finished his first video with Super Deluxe by affirming once again that Mexico will not pay for Trump’s “pointless wall of hate.”

Watch the video for yourself below:

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