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Written by: Anon.Dos

“Phineas Fisher” also known as @GammaGroupPR, the famous parody Twitter account of the Gamma Group that specializes in FinFisher spyware, certainly knows how to snag attention. It’s very first tweet announced, “Here at Gamma International, we’ve run out of governments to sell to, so we’re opening up sales to the general public!” They certainly have an eye for stalkers.


But that’s not where it stops, then came the links to leaked FinFisher records stored in Dropbox, including product hand-out emphasizing Finfisher’s choice of monitor software and capacities, client manual with troubleshooting tips for setting up a Finspy server, value rundown, discharge notes for Finspy Mobile 4.51, and an alternate record that spells out how well the spyware does on Windows Mobile gadgets.


Wikileaks Spy Files initially discharged reports detailing Finfisher in 2011. Subject Lab research from 2012 indicated how the tricky Finfisher observation had gone versatile. The spilled archives through @gammagrouppr are the most up to date, with some dated April 2014.


Spyware, Trojan, you can call Finfisher whatever you like, however its malware intended to surreptitiously screen targets. As malware, you would trust that antivirus results would locate and block it.


Despite the fact that the Hotfix release notes for Finspypc 4.51 that discusses about OS X and Linux, since this is the Microsoft Subnet, this is what it says in regards to Windows as the target:
Here’s a sample of what it might look want to examine the information of a Finspy target, yet different screenshots indicate how an “operator” can include remarks on the “Screen Recording” for example, “MSN discussion which may demonstrate subject inclusion on the off chance that.”



Yet an alternate description from the client manual about Finspy modules guarantees that getting to document, changing files, command shell, deleted files, file access, forensic tools, key logger, microphone, printer, scheduler, Skype, screen and webcam and VoIP all work with Microsoft Windows, and only a few work with OS X and Linux.


They further state, “We’ve taken down our website at while we investigate rumours that it may have been hacked,” @GammaGroupPR, tweeted yesterday, before the next tweet added, “Hope our customers’ data is safe.”

I guess we are not sure if FinFisher (government) customers’ names or sensitive data were leaked or are they on pastebins, if that is true than that’s going to be one dirty mess they will clean up.
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    • Hi there! I read the story about Julie, and it’s sad what she had to go through. I have a story of my own I could share it’s somewhat similar to Julies, infact it’s almost the same! Well, if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to drop me a message in my inbox. Thank You and take care Peace Love and Light 🙂

      • We hear you. Don’t worry, we are everywhere, yet we are no where. Justice will prevail. Anonymous does not forgive, nor forget, for we are eternal! Divided we stand, United we fight!


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