Graphic Video: Dog Tied to a Tree Howls in Pain as the Helpless Canine is Skinned Alive

The video of the dog being skinned alive is difficult to watch, but it has to be shown to tell this poor dog’s story, and what he was forced to endure as a dog meat dog in China.


Animal cruelty, it seems, has become the accepted norm in China. More than 10,000 cats and dogs are attacked, tortured, and skinned/ burned alive during the 10-day-long annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The dogs, which survive the painful ordeal, are beaten to death, have their throats slit open, or cooked while still alive.

Even though animal rights activists claimed to have saved more than 1,000 dogs due to be slaughtered and eaten during the festival last year, the cruel mindset didn’t change. A horrific video showing a group of inhuman beings throwing a greyhound dog into a barrel of boiling water and cooking it alive emerged out of China a few months later.

Now, another horrific tale of dog slaughter is being reported from China. The petition, calling the Chinese government to put a stop to the vicious dog meat trade, describes the horror in detail:

“…The dog is still alive, he howls in despair, begging to be rescued, but there is no one there for him. A man’s hand can be spotted tearing up his fur. In just a matter of minutes, the dog dies, leaving this planet in the most inhumane way.”

Click here for the graphic video, which shows the dog is still alive as it whimpers and writhes in agony being skinned alive.

Queensland-based Fight Dog Meat, which posted the graphic video possibly filmed by a dog eater, is demanding China to implement and uphold animal protection laws.

The video of the dog being skinned alive is difficult to watch, but it has to be shown to tell this poor dog’s story, and what he was forced to endure as a dog meat dog in China. Please know that Chinese animal activists are just as horrified at videos like this, as you and I. It brings pain to their heart to know people such as this dog butcher walk free while answering to no-one, and will repeat the same heinous acts again and again.”


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  1. If feminist bitching about Patriarchy in Videogames and other medias, then PETA is no different on this one. Complaining pokemon and such

    • Sorry, Marshan, but you’re a teenager, so your opinions don’t really matter very much outside of a classroom. Keep studying and might be able to support your opinions sooner than you think. If you go to an underfunded American public school, you can take education into your own hands by learning some formal logic. It’s pretty useful.

    • Marshan i feel bad for you it must be hard growing up with autism but don’t worry you probably won’t live long

    • Is this really necessary? you’re literally telling a child to be skinned alive because they believe that they don’t think that PETA are doing enough to prevent this disgusting treatment of dogs. Please get your priorities correct rather than harassing someone for having an opinion.

  2. Why post a horrid vulgar video if nothing can be done to the evil pos who committed the torture. Your crazy intelligent, track them down. One less animal abuser = justice for 1 voiceless animal.

    • My god! How ignorant are you? Do you not realise that if this does not get out. nothing will be done at all??? Spread it as far and wide as possible! Only by way of hitting these disgustingly cruel “people” in the pocket can we make headway and stop this.
      You bury your head in the sand as you are no use to these poor animals.

      • Considering this has been going on for longer than you’ve been alive, I don’t think some bitching my Americans is going to affect a damn thing… in China

    • You’re clearly not very intelligent either judging my that stupid ass statement you just made. Why don’t I eat you as well?

    • fck u redhat. dogs are mans best friend. i hope you haave read articles of how many times animals have save human life. i guess you’re just another fcked up teenager. get well soon. sick bstard!!!

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        • 🙂 yes you do… teenager… speak.. YELL…. get mad… you are our future..passing you the throne…. help these poor animals… 🙂

    • Well, that qualifies for you too. But, just let me correct you. Because you’re illiterate, I will make it easy. Dogs, cats and other animal are far more intelligent than a twat that can’t even write properly.

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  3. Is there a link to an article in Chinese? The campaign must be made strongest there – these old rural types will only get their back up if they hear foreign voices complaining. What is needed is millions of Chinese voices against this barbarism.

  4. I would love to see a china man skinned alive, if we ever go to war thats the first thing i am going to enjoy.

    • same… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE CHINA MOTHER FUCKING MURDERERS… OMG.. THIS IS SICK… JUST GOD DAMN SICK…. POOR ANIMALS… in the hands of human monsters…. I hope they feel exactly what those dogs feel.. + some.

  5. It’s ok for them to eat dogs, it’s not ok because of the inhumane way this butcher does it. It doesn’t have to be alive and crying out for mercy. Stun or blunt force to the head and this poor soul could have stopped suffering. I’m so sorry for all animals that are treated with disrespect and torture.

  6. It is time to boycott all goods from China. I know this is a monumental undertaking but if we could start this……no Chinese take out…no shopping at Wal-Mart anything labeled from China. And shame the Chinese government. No animal deserves this type of torture. These people also take live turtles and other small creatures put them in plastic and sell them in keychains till they suffocate to death. These acts must be stopped in this civilized world.

    • No Chinese takeout? How the fuck is that going to do anything but hurt the Chinese American businesses that have absolutely ZERO to do with this sick shit? Cmon man.. think

  7. I lived Asia and not only was the treatment of animals severely revolting it made me a vegetarian the whole time I lived there..
    Later I found out about how in a recent political coup (in the 1960’s) people in villages( women and children esp.) we’re subjected to barbaric torture and death at the hands of their fellow countrymen…Many times having to presently live amongst the very people who committed these crimes as they are in power as local sheriffs, politicians and neighbors.


    • Um excuse me but do you think it’s entirely acceptable to skin an animal alive while it whimpers in pain and struggles in agony? if so, you are either an extremist or you have very questionable moral standards. This is not propaganda, it is an article which reveals the terrible treatment of a dog. Please reassess your opinion on this matter.

  9. This angers all of us. The people with big hearts for animals. The ones that do this, will get theirs. anti-sec, anonymous, black hats and The Lord make sure of this daily.
    They are a little Fag boys with little dicks. We as adults can see this.

  10. les asiatiques ont indéniablement de sacrés problèmes de respect de l’humanité, et d’eux mêmes par la même occasion !!
    Au regard de tous leurs remèdes contre l’impuissance sexuel qu’ils ont mis en place, il est de notoriété mondiale qu’ils ne doivent pas être des dieux au pieux !!!!!
    En décimant allégrement et de façon barbare la faune précieuse de notre planète, non seulement ils avouent leur impuissance sexuelle qui les poursuit sur plusieurs générations (pour un peuple si fier, très étonnant !!) mais en plus il provoque pour le reste de la terre un fort besoin de leur vomir (dessus lorsque l’on a le courage de regarder l’humain dans sa laideur ? les tripes ? le bon anxiolytique ? ou terriblement habitué aux horreurs ? ……) de regarder en face ce dont ils sont capables.
    En ce qui me concerne, j’ai déjà vu une autre vidéo d’animaux (visons) pelés (vivants naturellement 🙁 )pour en faire commerce dans l’industrie de vêtements de luxe (importation chinoise). Nauséabonds, détresse, horreur digne des camps de concentration, …
    Pour être cruel avec les animaux, ils ont des couilles. Pour en faire usage au lit avec leur femmes, ils ont besoin de remèdes “miracles” !!
    Chers voisins de loin, vous êtes l’horreur et la risée du monde !!

  11. This is cruel and unnecessary. If any of you can’t see that, I really feel sorry for you.

    And those bashing people for disagreeing, dont waste your energy, my friends… They’re not worth your time. If they had a chance to have a say on this in front of actual people, you know they would change their tune.. So I say.. Fuck em’.

    Lets focus on what’s important, and thats spreading this video, getting people aware and actually making some steps towards changing this whole thing, as small as those steps may be, they are still steps.

    God bless.

  12. Wtf is wrong with the Chinese????? Do people in the USA also do this? Skin dogs alive for meat????? It seems to be the Chinese.

  13. I dispice violence. Of course skinning a dog alive is… I can’t find words..! We should not generalize, China is an old civilisation (at least 4000 years old) with marvelous cultures. They were already litterate, invented paper, gunpowder, etc, when we were dressed with animal skins. They had already very gifted architects (the Long Wall) and engineers. Skinning any lifeform alive anywhere is more than a shame. We boil lobsters alive, cut frogs in two (alive) to eat their legs… We should not put judgment on people, let’s try to fix our problems first. Peace.

  14. Chinese people are taught to be merciless early on. They are animalistic people who thru education become animals themselves. They are a very pitiful people which need to be wiped clean from the earth. Thier yellow cowardice is just sick. The dumpster would be too good of a place for the chinese. Start a chinese meat days and fill a dumpster with chinese babies then skin em and boil em alive and feed em to thier happy parents ot pigs if available

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  16. Yes this is no doubt horrible the way they slaughter the animal but be realistic. Before we start tackling that mess, we need to first fix our own. Look at the documentary “earthlings” you’ll see how we treat our own livestock and how our farmers and meat insustry torture and kill these animals so that you and I can all have our meat products. Educate yourself, and then start tackling both problems.

  17. These cruel demented cnts shouldb burned \skinned alive over and over ,redhat your intelligence is showing just how stupid you are fukn retard ,i hope a dog tears your skin off ,as for the rest of you retards that think this shit is ok you should b skinned as well ,i will be more than happy to do this for you ,joshua and Elizabeth your comments are very true

    • Animal cruelty is based around how the animals are treated, animals can be used for meat but be treated well ; however there are many incidents where animals have been treated cruelly. Please do not condemn people for selling or eating meat, it’s apart of the human diet for most and shouldn’t be seen as some kind of sin. Thank you.

  18. boycot china in every way, shoot or cook these motherfucking discusting chinese bastards alive, and then throw them in the ocean, food for the fish,i hope they die the same horrible way. This makes me so angry. I have 2 cats and the are like our kids,we love them so much and then you see things like this, GRRRRRRRRR

  19. all humanity should just cease to exist. this place would be so much better without the human species, but that is my opinion. i know there are some good people but those few good ones are not enough to save this planet and all other living beings on it. we are, as a whole, a severe virus that mother nature cannot get rid of.

  20. Human who can do this arent human and i agree they need to be skinned alive see how it feels for them hopefully they cry out in pain to and no one helps them.
    Also this country need to be forbidden to have any animals they skin or cook alive

    • and instead of all immigrants comming to the eu why not let all the animals immigrate to the eu atleast safe everything in one time and forbid the country to have any new animals


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