Graphic Video: Man Trying To Take Selfie Trampled To Death By Wild Elephant


A 50-year-old man committed a JUMBO mistake and paid with his life when he tried to take a selfie with a wild elephant in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

Ashok Bharti had reportedly been drinking alcohol before he approached an infuriated elephant, who had become separated from its herd, and tried to pose for a photo with the huge beast. Unfortunately, as he tried to take a selfie with the elephant, the animal charged at him, leaving Bharti running for his life.

Onlookers saw Bharti tripping as he tried to flee the elephant. But soon the angry elephant ran over him crushing him to death.  Philip Sahu, assistant conservator of forests, told reporters:

“Forest officials were trying to chase the elephant back to the herd when Bharti came too close to the animal to take a selfie. The animal was nervous as it had strayed away from his family and when the man came too close to it, the elephant in its rescue attacked him.”

This is the moment when Bharti is trampled to death by an elephant after he tried to pose for a photo with the tusker:

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