Graphic Video: Visitors Gasp in Horror As Chinese Zoo Feeds Live Donkey to Tigers

The video of the donkey being fed alive is difficult to watch, but it has to be shown to tell what animal cruelty means in China.


Animal cruelty, it seems, has become the accepted norm in China. More than 10,000 cats and dogs are attacked, tortured, and skinned/ burned alive during the 10-day-long annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. In March, the world was shocked to see a dog tied to a tree howling in pain as the helpless canine was skinned alive. Now, another horrific tale of animal slaughter is being reported from China.

In one of the most brutal examples of animal cruelty, Chinese zookeepers were filmed by horrified visitors pushing a live donkey into an enclosure filled with hungry tigers. After finding itself in the jaws of the ferocious predators, the terrified donkey attempts to escape but is soon dragged by the neck by one of the tigers.

It is then double-teamed by two of the tigers – believed to be kept at Yancheng Wild Animal World in the city of Changzhou in eastern China – both of which bite its head as it frantically splashes around in the muddy water. Despite putting up a valiant attempt at defense, the donkey is savagely beaten and killed ruthlessly in less than 30 minutes.

Local media reported that the zookeepers next tried to throw a sheep into the enclosure, but a row between owners of the zoo led to security arriving to put a stop to the live feeding.

CCTV footage of the cruel incident has gone viral. You can watch the disturbing 1-minute video below. Warning: It is very graphic…

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  1. Stop this is one of the most brutal examples of animal cruelty.
    The animals are beaten and killed ruthlesslyy in less than 30 minutes.

      • It is an interesting debate. While I can see the both sides of the story, I suppose in the wild there are no humans pushing other animals to the tigers. Tigers will have to actually work for their food like any other animal in the wild does. Tigers are generally solitary, and they usually hunt alone. You go and throw a donkey down to a place where it has no real chance and against multiple tigers.. they might as well just throw already chopped meat to the tigers instead. There are people who don’t like to watch (or for some other reason hasn’t watched) documents about the wildlife and how brutal it is and those people, I guess, would be more light hearted. They go to zoos to see animals they might not normally see. Perhaps they like to see the animals act tame and nice.. you know, cute? They don’t go to zoos to see an animal brutally killed and torn apart. Just like some people avoid horror, because it gets them scared.. or some people don’t watch The Walking Dead, because seeing guts make them sick.
        Personally I think the animals could stay in the wild instead of being caged and stared down by people, as those people eat shit and get wrong kind of image of wild animals (i.e wolves, a lot of people think they’re just cute furry wild dogs, which they’re not) But that’s just me. Sorry, got off the topic for a while there. In a way, the humans throwing the donkey into the pit of tigers are almost like playing God, deciding the fate of a living being. Kind of seems.. eh.. wrong to me.

  2. They donkey is fine, that’s the circle of life. Tigers need to hunt and eat fresh meat. All the other stuff talked about, skinning dogs, burning alive. Not cool. Two totally different scenarios in my opinion


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