Gruesome Video: Oscar-Feted White Helmets Caught Dumping Mutilated Bodies of Syrian Soldiers

A volunteer with the Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, was caught holding a severed head of a dead Syrian solider up in front of the camera, as if it was a trophy. SHAME!


It is no secret that the White Helmets  which describes itself as a group of volunteers involved in peacekeeping activities including rescuing civilians after bombings on rebel-controlled areas of Syria  has been accused of killing children for propaganda videos for the U.S. and the U.K. as well as generating sympathy for the cause of Al Nusra (a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda) and other radical groups in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Assad calls the White Helmets a front for Islamic terrorism, and an example of Western narratives grotesquely distorting the truth about the conflict in Syria:

White Helmets are Al Qaeda members. The same members are killing or executing or celebrating over dead bodies, at the same time they are humanitarian heroes, and now they have an Oscar.”

In fact, in March 2017, an Al Qaeda leader openly praised and thanked the White Helmets as the “hidden soldiers of our revolution”, applauding the group in the same breath as militants killed in action advancing the terrorists’ agenda.

Though they claim to be an unarmed, independent, and neutral Syrian civil defense organization which accepts no money from Western governments the United States has openly admitted to providing the organization with more than $20 million in monetary aid.

It is alleged that the White Helmets received up to $100 million from the CIA on Donald Trump’s behest, to attack Syria and Iran a war justified by “evidence” provided by the White Helmets.

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Despite the reality, a film “celebrating” the White Helmets scooped an Oscar for best short documentary. White Helmets founder Raed al-Saleh thanked the Academy saying that the group is “guided by a verse from the Quran: to save one life is to save all of humanity” and that it has “saved more than 82,000 Syrian lives” since it was formed in 2014.

The truth, nevertheless, remains clear: White Helmets are pawns for U.S. militarism and war propaganda.

Recently, a gruesome video titled “White Helmets Al Qaeda affiliates with deceased SAA Soldiers” was posted on YouTube showing White Helmets volunteers assisting in disposing of the Syrian Army troops’ mutilated dead bodies. A second video was posted on Twitter showing a White Helmets volunteer holding a severed head up in front of the camera, as if it is a trophy.

Incidentally, the first video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service [it’s a lie; the video was removed because it had exposed the Western propaganda and the West does not want you to see the real face of the White Helmets]. But a Twitter user still has the proof. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

After their own volunteer was caught on camera dumping the mutilated bodies of Syrian soldiers, White Helmets summarily fired him saying the man’s “gross breach” of conduct led to his dismissal.

“On 20 June 2017, a volunteer of SCD [Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets] in Daraa Governorate was witnessed participating in an activity that violated the organizational principles and vision of SCD.”

The firing doesn’t hide their true identity. Last month, father of Omran Daqneesh (a Syrian boy who was depicted by Western media as being rescued by the White Helmets in footage from August 2016) exposed how the U.S. and the White Helmets lied to the world.

Mohammad Kheir Daqneesh revealed to RT that White Helmets volunteers manipulated Omran into being filmed before providing assistance the five-year-old could have died without.

He claimed he was threatened by the White Helmets when they caught on to the fact that he wanted to tell the truth about how they used his son widely portrayed as the “symbol of Aleppo suffering” as a propaganda tool.

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