Hackers Fool Apple’s iPhone X Face ID With A $150 Mask


When Apple initially showed off its Face ID for iPhone X, the company claimed it was better than any of its previous technologies for its flagship phone. Further,the tech giant claimed even a realistic mask would not be able to fool iPhone’s new security feature. However, Bkav, a cyber-security firm based in Vietnam, was able to trick the Face ID using a customized mask.

If you are freaking out then don’t, this is not a reason to return your iPhone. Let us explain what it means for your iPhone’s security.

Beating the iPhone’s Face ID

The customised mask having 2D printed images glued on the 3D printed mask.

According to the experts, all you need is $150 and a scan of the person’s face who owns the iPhone you want to unlock.

The mask is created using moulded silicon, makeup, paper cutouts, and plastic. However, important areas such as the eyes, nose and the mouth are mimicked using pictures that are positioned on the mask.

This trick was used after it was discovered that iPhone’s Face ID only scans half of the face and does not look for eye movements.

Bkav used a handheld scanner to scan the face, which took more than five minutes. It means in order for the hackers to take your pictures you need to be present there; however, Bkav says high profile people, such as politicians, may be at risk.

There Is Nothing to Worry About

“Potential targets shall not be regular users, but billionaires, leaders of major corporations, national leaders and agents like FBI need to understand the Face ID’s issue,” reports The Daily Mail.

The researchers also stated that even though the face scanning technology took more than eight years to reach where it is today, it is not as mature as one would expect it to be. Thus, bio-metric security or fingerprint scanning is the best.

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