Hackers Steal Orange Is The New Black Season 5, Hold Netflix To Ransom

Netflix is being held hostage by hackers who have threatened to release the entire fifth season of Orange is the New Black ahead of its June 9 premiere.


Orange is the New Black is one of the more popular series Netflix has on offer. Amongst other top programs it’s another reason why Netflix has gained popularity. While their entertainment is booming, their security, on the other hand, is lacking. A group of hackers have stolen episodes of Netflix’s prime aforementioned show, and are now demanding money for its release. If Netflix refuses, the hacker(s) will release the new episodes before the company officially does.

The Dark Overlord is a group of hackers (or a single hacker – we’ve yet to establish) demanding Netflix pay an unspecified amount before they prematurely release episodes online.

To prove a point, Dark Overlord has already uploaded an unreleased episode on a file sharing service. However, Netflix has yet to legally confirm the authenticity of the episode.

Last month, the hacker, via their official Twitter account, stated their clear intentions of releasing more episodes. They followed up the threat by posting a link to another file sharing website that hosted more than five episodes of Orange is the New Black. Again, Netflix wouldn’t confirm the authenticity of those episodes.

According to the online streaming platform, the official release of its fifth season is due on June 9. The online entertainment platform has not officially released a statement regarding the hacks.

It has been noted that a production vendor that works with local studios was hacked. The unfortunate company is based in California in Los Gatos. The breach is described as active and is currently being investigated by the local authorities.

Experts suggest that the pirated copies of the shows currently being uploaded online will damage Netflix’s subscriber growth and the company’s stock price.

Furthermore, the hacker noted they stole the entire series from a single company along with an upcoming series as well. The Dark Overlord promised to release other upcoming titles if Netflix refuses to meet their demands.

According to Associated Press, which tried to get in touch with The Dark Overlord several months ago, published an article confirming the hacker will release the titles either way.

The investigators involved in this case say they aren’t sure of the new motivations for The Dark Overlord to publish new episodes for Orange is the New Black.

Analysts say that because of this particular Netflix hit, the service expects an additional three million subscribers added to its list. The damage this could do to the company’s public value as well as its stock market is substantial.

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