Heartbreaking: Toddler Found Crying, Drinking His Dead Mother’s Milk [VIDEO]


Residents living in Damoh district, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, have discovered a 17-month-old toddler sitting beside his unresponsive mother, sucking her breast for milk to quench his hunger.

The woman’s body was first spotted by a local train driver in Damoh, around 250 km from the state capital Bhopal. Her son was clinging to her, weeping, trying to nudge her awake.

Local residents who appeared at the scene to witness the tragic and emotional incident became overwhelmed with sorrow. They immediately reported the incident to the police. Police arrived and confirmed the woman was dead.

The police then took the little boy to hospital for treatment. According to hospital sources, the boy is suffering from cold but he is responding positively to treatment. The local Child Welfare Committee is aware of the incident and are making arrangements to take the boy to an orphanage until his family is tracked down.

The incident was filmed and posted on social media by local residents. Below is the video showing when the toddler was found drinking the breast milk of his dead mother. Due to the disturbing nature of the footage, we advise viewer discretion.

According to the police account, they received an emergency call from residents on May 25 that a toddler was sitting by his unresponsive mother next to a railway track. The distress call made police rush to the scene.

The head of the police in the Damoh Government Railway area, Nand Ram, said when officers arrived, they realized the woman was dead, but her son was unaware of the situation and was still sucking his dead mother’s breast for food.

Ram explained further that the incident shocked even officers who had arrived to handle the situation. “The toddler was crying for his mother and on receiving no response from her; he held her and started drinking milk from her. We were shocked to see it, it was very sad. The woman was lying dead while the child was sitting next to her scratchless.  This was something we have never seen before. It was quite emotional for us all,” Ram said.

An eyewitness, Monu Balmiki, also said the incident has shocked residents. Many shed tears upon realizing what had happened. Balmiki described the situation:

“We saw a woman lying near the railway track and informed the police. But when we got closer we spotted a child next to her crying and drinking her milk. It brought tears to our eyes.”

As of writing, the police are yet to identify the dead woman or her relatives. The police said they’ve sent the body for a postmortem to determine the cause of death. No family has so far come forward to claim the body or the toddler.

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