Incredibly Honest Animation Reveals What Is Happening In The “Shadow” Of Our Society


(Truth Theory) A good friend of mine, Gavin Nascimento from A New Kind Of Human emailed me this video, few days after it appeared online. I was blown away! I must say that I haven’t seen anything so good for a while. (Scroll down to watch it now).

Truth Theory published the first article on it and you can check it out HERE. The film has been written, directed and produced by Lubomir Arsov and for more info just check out their website: Here are few points that the film is trying to make:

We all wear masks. One of the underlying aspects of our society is the fact that most of us wear masks. People often think one thing and say something else. Probably everyone does it sometimes.

Manipulation and control of the entertainment industry. Mainstream singers are often puppets who have to play according to the rules given.

Television as the propaganda tool, tv shows that are manipulated to control public opinion or to dumb down society.


The film shows the process and reasons behind war. First it portrays a young person lacking intelligence and how he is turned into a soldier.

Next thing you see is the destruction that he creates.

From that war and destruction, the elite makes money.

However, the media puppets portray them as heroes.

Anorexia in the fashion industry is also shown.

Next part of the film cleverly illustrates that it is not really any different from obesity.

The cult of celebrities

Still, celebrities are controlled (on leash)

The elite does not want people to learn the truth

Whistleblowers and those who stand up (Like Chelsea Manning for example)

End up locked in jail

Another motive shows GMOs and other forms of food manipulation

And how people get sick from it

They end up in the hospital

And Big Pharma has the cure

There are other great motives and the film ends with a positive message. Just check it out yourself:

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  1. Intension is to Spirit what marrow is to bone. There is no escape from (y)ourSelf. The energy we each put into The Whirl comes home to each of us as The All-of-it; Creation; itzSelf. Winter is always–in all ways–coming. Those “in-divide-U-allz” who have never been hungry, or cold, are always, for always, the last Ones to NO/know.


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