How to Turn Corporate Lies into Facts

Turning corporate lies into facts has become a past time for the agrochemical giant Monsanto, however, many other companies are following in their footsteps. Here's how they do it...


Those at Natural News have provided an interesting infographic (click here) we thought we’d elaborate on. Below you will find a step-by-step list of the ways in which the corporate sector turns lies into science fact, and it is always the same.

Step 1: Identify the lie you want to become a science “fact.”

Although Natural News provided multiple examples of common corporate lies in their infographic, we will focus on the first item listed:

“DDT and Agent Orange are safe.” While everyone is now aware DDT and Agent Orange are highly dangerous, citizens were originally convinced they were safe by corporations such as Monsanto, who from 1965 to 1969, manufactured Agent Orange for the US military. To this day, Monsanto maintains the herbicide was meant to “protect and save the lives of US and allied soldiers.” Furthermore, they continue to deny any connections or links of chronic disease to Agent Orange, despite the US Department of Veterans Affairs recognition that “certain cancers and other health problems” are diseases they have found to be associated with exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides.

Step 2: Pay researchers or writers to fabricate studies or articles that support your lie.

The following strategy gets researchers and writers to support corporate narratives, and Monsanto provides us with another perfect example:

“Donate to U.S. universities.” The state of Iowa is known for its vast farmlands, and students at Iowa State University will vehemently argue that GMO’s will save the world. However, it also happens that Monsanto is a “longtime partner with Iowa State University,” and has provided the university with millions of dollars’ worth of grants and gifts. That’s quite an incentive for the university to shape their curriculum to support the agrochemical company’s narrative.

Step 3: Get your fabricated studies published in the “science” journals or mainstream media…

Again, we can rely on Monsanto to provide us with another example, and though it wasn’t among the science journals listed by Natural News, we’ve added the following:

“Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology.” Many are familiar with the famous Séralini study published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that linked tumors in rats to GMO foods. The study was later retracted, and numerous news outlets and media pundits reported that Séralini’s study didn’t “meet scientific standards,” yet the journal had no problems publishing a pro-GMO study that used less research than Séralini did.

What an unfortunate number of American citizens are unaware of, is that the study was retracted while Richard Goodman was on the journal’s Editorial Board, and Goodman just so happened to be an ex-employee of Monsanto. He has since been fired from the journal, and Séralini was vindicated, but of course this final turn of events never received the same attention from the US mainstream media that the study’s retraction got.

Step 4: Corrupt the media with advertising dollars so they begin to slant their news in your direction.

Fun fact: It might be slightly unrelated, but did you know the owner of the Washington Post received a $600M contract from the CIA? It just goes to show that with enough money, the mainstream media will happily slant their views in any direction you like.

Step 5: Direct the media to invite your paid mercenary scientists to repeat the “facts” you got published in the science journals.

Since Monsanto has done an amazing job of supplying our examples throughout this report, let us continue with the theme. Trial lawyers, Heygood, Orr & Pearson, revealed through newly unsealed court documents that Monsanto prepared a public relations assault against the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after they learned the department was going to conduct a safety review of Roundup. Emails revealed that Jess Rowland, a soon-to-be retired deputy division director with the EPA, worked directly with Monsanto to counter the HHS. Additionally:

In another email, a Monsanto executive wrote that the company could ghostwrite studies about the safety of glyphosate by hiring researchers to put their names on the studies that were actually written by Monsanto.”

Step 6: Characterize anyone who challenges your “facts” as being “anti-science.”

Again, Monsanto has made this extremely easy: Do a simple internet search of “anti-gmo anti-science,” and watch the illusion unfold.

Salon: Is it anti-science to be anti-GMO’s?

Step 7: Wash, Rinse and Repeat…

Click here to read Natural News’ infographic in full.

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