Israeli Warplanes Batter Gaza With Missiles After Day of Rage [Photos]


Donald Trump’s recent announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is making both the Palestinians and Israelis suffer. The clash between the two has left many wounded and many have died as a result. The Palestinians fired rockets, whereas the Israelis answered them with massive airstrikes battering anything that came in their way.

A protester burns tyres during clashes with Israeli authorities.
Protesters react to the tear gas being thrown at them by the Israeli forces.
Israeli police manhandles a protestor in East Jerusalem.

Burning rubber has clouded the air in the holy land. Palestinians used stones as weapons and the Israeli forces responded them with rubber bullets and tear gases.

According to the Israeli army, three rockets were fired at them from Gaza Strip, one of which was shot down by the anti-missile technology that Israel possess. However, the second went to the wasteland, whereas the third ended up in the Israeli city of Sderot, where no casualties were reported.

Israeli forces arrest a blindfolded man during the protest.
Wounded baby awaits treatment.
A protester throws a tire in the fire near the protest scene in Ramallah.

As a reaction, Israeli forces responded with airstrikes over Gaza Strip targeting the Hamas military facilities. Authorities in Gaza reported more than 13 civilians were killed because of the airstrikes. Israeli authorities have arrested nearly 30 protesters around the Palestinians territory.

The result of Israeli warplanes dropping bombs on Gaza Strip.
Protesters near the Khan Younis Israeli border.
Damaged houses in Gaza.
An explosive detonates in East Jerusalem during the protest.
A man screams at the face of an Israeli police officer.
An Israeli officer grabs a protester by his neck.

Moreover, Palestine’s president Mahmud Abbas stated that Trump’s decision shows the United States has no interest in keeping peace in Israel and Palestine.

Meanwhile, British prime minister Theresa May said that Jerusalem’s status should be shared by both Palestine and Israel and that Donald Trump’s decision is not helpful.

Pope Francis prayed for Jerusalem hoping that “such identity be preserved and strengthened for the benefit of the Holy Land, the Middle East and the entire world.”

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  1. There’s never been any peace there to begin with. How can there be peace with another group that believes your nation doesn’t have a right to exist?

  2. Nothing changed by Trump recognizing that Israel claims Jerusalem as it’s capital. That is not even as definitive as getting a designated parking spot. The trouble comes from Hamas declaring three days of rage, and firing rockets from Gaza. They are rioting and dying because they were told to. Idiots.


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