Judgment in the United States: Court legalises targeted killing


 ‘Planned Parenthood’ “is an American non-profit organisation which offers medical services in over 650 clinics in the country, especially in the areas of sexual medicine, gynecology and family planning”, it reads on Wikipedia.    Already since 2015 however, shocking reports had emerged in the public eye, according to which PP is running a profitable side business with the sale of tissue of aborted fetuses.   

The allegations are well founded and documented since David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt had in the year 2015 pretended to be representatives of a biotech company and offered to buy fetal tissue, secretly audio recording the conversation. They made the information public at the time and were subsequently sued by the US prosecution in 15 cases.

14 of the allegations were qualified by the court as “legally insufficient”, but the accusation remains  of “conspiracy to infringement of privacy rights”. The trial against Daleiden and Merritt was postponed to mid-July.

Planned Parenthood has for a long time been the subject of criticism, especially in connection with moral-ethical concerns about the question of the age up to which children should be allowed to be aborted. The social critic and US author Mark Dice had drawn a lot of attention in 2013 when he filmed passers-by in San Diego as they signed a fictitious “petition” for the abortion of children even after birth, actually until the age of 3 years [!].

To persuade the passers-by to give their signature, he used the term “Obama’s Infanticide Program” and even told most of them what infanticide means:

In the end, at last, there was one individuum with a clear enough mind to refuse his signature.

The petition of Dice was, of course, nonsense and a social experiment. A similar experiment was conducted in 2014 by John Biggs with students from the University of Texas in Austin, which was about “abortion” of children up to the age of 5 years:

Whether the two of them had already guessed where this would go? On 16 June 2017, the US site Christian Headlines reported that in the US state of Delaware abortion was now permitted during the full duration of the pregnancy:

Delaware gave a major victory last week to abortion advocates when Governour John Carney signed a law that makes the abortion of   unborn babies legal during all nine months of pregnancy. […]

Although many states, including Delaware, had introduced stronger protection for unborn babies, the new law now abolishes all restrictions on abortion – including a law on parents’ consent if the expectant mother is underage, and a 24-hour waiting period until survivability is confirmed.

The law defines survivability as a likelihood of survival outside of the mother’s body without “exceptional medical measures” and allows an abortion after that time, provided that an abortionist  believes that the life or health of the mother was in danger.

This actually means that a mother-to-be who is in labour will be able to go to a clinic, and if there is any corruptible doctor of the opinion that the child will not survive 24 hours, the killing of this child is permitted by law. Apart from this leaving the door wide open to potential abuse, such regulation is at least morally and ethically highly questionable – most of all in the context of global organ and tissue trade.

One can only hope that these currently still active global structures will be taken down as soon as possible, and that people who make such life-negating decisions will be held responsible accordingly.

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