Labour Peer “Raped And Tortured Children in Parliament”


UK: Labour politician Simon Danczuk, said he had met with Leicestershire Police, who were investigating abuse allegations against the peer, Lord Janner (one wonders how pedophiles get these lofty titles, like SIR Jimmy Savile), and heard how children were ‘violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit.’

Labour had already suspended Lord Janner in April, when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced that the alleged pedophile would not stand trial for historic sex abuse allegations because of the ‘severity’ of his dementia.
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Addressing the allegations against the peer during a Westminster Hall debate on the CPS, Mr Danczuk said he had discussed the allegations with police. He then proceeded to state that the allegations  involved children ‘being violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit’.

Mr Danczuk told MPs: ‘Returning to the case of Lord Janner, the shocking thing is that the CPS admits that the witnesses are not unreliable, it admits that Janner should face prosecution, but refuses to bring a case. I know the police are furious about this and rightly so. Anyone who has heard the accusations will be similarly outraged. I have met with Leicestershire Police and discussed the allegations in some detail. Children being violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit.’

Alas, pedophiles run free because of the power they wield… But look out, there’s a Muslim extremist jihadist and a right-wing lone wolf extremist behind you, ready to steal your freedom…

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