Making Good Use Of Social Media: 8 Marvelous Instagram Accounts From Africa You Should Follow


Social media is fast changing how information is disseminated to people across the globe. With the help of the internet and a smart phone or a computer, people can choose to read, watch or hear the kind of news item they want on the many social media platforms.

And to help yourself understand the world you live in better, you should make good use of these platforms. One of the social media platforms which is rapidly growing is Instagram. It is a place where spectacular pictures are used to tell stories about people and the things around them.

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The Take Part has compiled 8 wonderful Instagram accounts from Africa that are telling amazing and complex stories about people and their environment on the continent. Remember that Africa is a continent where lots of amazing stories happen. You should therefore follow the following Instagram accounts from Africa.

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1 . Nana Kofi Acquah. He is a young man from the West African country of Ghana along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. He can be followed on Instagram @africashowboy. He is a photographer and has been weaving together stories through vibrant images that focus on people as well as issues. He depicts stories with accurate and beautiful pictures. He took this picture from an impoverished coastal town where fishing is the major occupation for local residents. The boats used for the fishing have different inscriptions, showing the strong believe in God and way of life of the people. Follow him for more pictures.

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2. Krisanne Johnson. Johnson can be followed @krisannejohnson. She has worked in the tiny Southern African country of Swaziland, documenting young women coming of age amid the HIV/AIDS epidemic and more recently has been photographing youth culture in post apartheid South Africa. Her black-and-white images add a timeless feel to the everyday life she captures. From a young woman getting her hair dyed by a friend to a group of neighborhood girls practicing dance routines among others. You can see more by following her.

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3. Andrew Esiebo. Esiebo is a freelance photojournalist based in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria in West Africa. According to his personal story, he taught himself the art of photography after receiving a camera as a gift. He uses his photos to tell powerful stories such as gender, politics, immigration and other vital social issues. You can reach him @andrewesiebo.

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4. Marcus Bleasdale. The official handle of Bleasdale is @marcusbleasdale. Bleasdale works with the National Geographic and Human Rights Watch as a photographer. He has spent more than seven years covering conflict in the restive country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and many parts of East Africa. He has over 107,000 followers and shares his stunning pictures with his followers regularly. His photos range from rebel fighters from the Sudanese Liberation Army in North Darfur to a mother’s emotional reunion with her son, who was abducted by Seleka fighters in the ongoing conflict between Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic.

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5. Steven Chikosi. You should follow him @stevenchikosi. Chikosi is from Zimbabwe and shares his daily life in the country with his followers. He loves capturing the vibrancy of his homeland through photographs focusing on nature and people. For example, you will see photos such as hummingbird perching on an orange flower, elephants drinking water or schoolgirls in bright-green uniforms among others. Chikosi loves warm and bright colors, making his photos exceptional.

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6. Michael Christopher Brown. Brown currently lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He can be reached @michaelchristopherbrown. Brown loves to capture nature and people. He likes beautiful landscapes such us mountain, thick forest among others. His followers always have the feel of the DRC although there have not been there before.

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7. Phil Moore. @philmoorephoto, you will get the opportunity to see the beauty of the East African region. Moore is a British photojournalist working in East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. Following Moore will be a perfect idea before you travel to any of the East African countries. He might show you beautiful tourist attraction areas.

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8. Everyday Africa. Unlike the previous individual accounts you should follow, Everyday Africa is collaboration between Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill. Their account is @everydayafrica. It is said they started Everyday Africa with just an iPhone camera with the goal of telling the story of Africa from a different perspective to challenge the traditional western media narratives of Africa being a place of chaos, hungry and destitute people. Their subjects range from different nationals extremely happy about their country and the work they are doing. This woman is preparing a vegetable for a meal and you can see her joy.

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