Man Shot Dead With Machine Gun At Point Blank Range For Raping & Killing A 3-Year-Old Girl


41-year-old Muhammad al-Maghrabi, who raped and killed three-year-old Rana Yahya Al-Matari in his hut on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, was executed with a machine gun at point blank range under Sharia law in Yemen.

Hundreds gathered on Main Square in the capital city of Sanaa on Monday and many filmed the execution, which was broadcast on live TV across Yemen, on their mobile phones.

Pictures show the child rapist lying on the floor on a rug, his hands tied behind his back, as a police officer holds an AK47-style rifle against his back and opens fire.

Al-Maghrabi’s hands were bound behind his back as he emerged from the prison van (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)
He was brought to the main square in Sanaa in an armoured van before soldiers laid him on the floor to carry out the sentence (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)
As a crowd of thousands watched, one soldier fired shots through Maghrabi’s back, killing him instantly (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)
Maghrabi lay on the floor with his hands bound behind his back before a soldier standing over him opens fire (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)
Thousands of people carrying cameras gathered to watch the execution (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)
Television cameras broadcast the sentence across the country while viewers filmed it on their phones (Picture: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)

Sharia law is the source of all legislation in Yemen. Under the law, murder is punishable by the death sentence, though the family of the victim has the right to lessen the punishment. While beheading is common, Sharia does not specify how the death sentence should be carried out.

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  1. I think it’s rather odd that we as a society grant people a merciful and quick escape from their crimes. Because killing is just that, an escape for both parties. Does it actually do anything to fix the wrongs that have been committed? No. Does the person at fault learn from their mistakes and get a chance to make it right? No. Does the other party gain anything or benefit from the killing of the at fault person? No. Other than a brief 10 seconds of pleasure/relief.

    I’ll tell you a secret…If you want actual justice, then you don’t give a person the easy release of death. No. You allow them to live with that guilt and suffering. Make sure they understand what they did and never forget it. And then you allow them to try and make up for their mistakes so they can learn, grow, and help change others for the better. <– This, is what heals both parties and sends positivity out into the world. It's also the method that doesn't stain your conscience or soul.

    • Eden,
      This is very nice in theory, but I don’t think there is any secret about it. There are different ways to deal with crime. The United States currently has a system similar to the one you are describing. The difference is that your “secret” system institutionalizes individuals and reinforces criminal behavior. The system you describe is wildly expensive.
      In a weird way, I admire the Yemen response to child rape. I think people like this need to be weeded from our society, good luck doing that with rehabilitation. You can rehabilitate a person with the affinity to child rape. Yemen has accepted a longstanding, inexpensive, and effective deterrent for murder. Do you think people will be as likely to commit crimes if they know they will be executed?

    • I respectfully disagree. Why should that person be allowed to keep drawing breath? That person didn’t give the choice of living to his or her victim. That person ceded his right to live the moment he took life from another.

    • – – Does the person at fault learn from their mistakes and get a chance to make it right? – –

      The rape of a 3 year old is a clear-cut evidence that the perpetrator HAS NO conscience. If he had, he would not have committed the crime in the first place.
      – Learn from their mistakes? The only lesson learned by these sorts of individuals is that he was caught! No more than that!
      – Make it right? What planet did you fell down from? Have you ever been raped? And then a 3 year old! If the girl would have lived to tell she would have been traumatised for the rest of her life.

      – – Does the other party gain anything or benefit from the killing of the at fault person? – –


    • My daughter is 3, if this happened to her, there is nothing that man could do to atone, nothing would “heal” me. Is someone who could rape and kill a 3 year old child, a baby, going to feel any remorse, any guilt over their actions, no they are not. They never will.

      For you to make claims as to what is the best method in this situation is ignorant and stupid, i disagree with Sharia Law on a lot of things in general but it is not my culture and nor do i live in an area that enforces it, but if it was my daughter let me tell you i would want to beat him within an inch of his life, let him believe that it was over and then kill him myself anyway, and even then it would not be enough but no forgiveness would be achieved ever, i would bare whatever imaginary stain your moronic it would give me.

      Keep your pathetic sensibilities and false arrogant snobbery about how we should take a higher better path because there isnt one for the parents in that situation.

      Once someone has taken a life especially that of a 3 year old after subjecting her to rape, something she could not possibly even understand the concept of, nevermind why she is feeling such pain. You forfeit your human rights in my opinion and should be put down.

      You are welcome to your opinion, but i find it lacking sympathy, empathy and void of any understanding of the implications of what has actually happened

    • People actually way more scared of death then they are of jail if it was like jail was more harder then death all the In mates would be killing them selves

    • There are some people who don’t learn their lesson and some crimes that can’t be rehabilitated. Why should the rest of society continue to house and support a dangerous lost cause that if given the opportunity would rape or kill again? You can’t rehabilitate murderers or especially pedophiles. They’re trying that here in the US, even with chemical or surgical castration and it still doesn’t work. That tendency originates from the brain and it will never go away. How do you make it right for children who are sexually abused? They don’t ever truly recover from that type of a trauma, but at best learn to deal with it. But even at that, a lot of the emotional and psychological complications stay for life, and sometimes even physical ones if the perpetrator gives the victim an incurable sexually transmitted disease or otherwise causes lasting physical damage. For the greater good of society as a whole, I agree with the public execution of a pedophile. Sick bastards like that can’t be cured or rehabilitated. If given the opportunity, they will just harm more children, so the best course of action for everyone is that they should be culled.

  2. You are entitled to that opinion. It is obviously an opinion borne by few. It is not meant to correct a bad mistake because nothing can erase it. You cannot undo what has been done. The obvious effect of this punishment is to 1- punish the wrong doer for his heinous acts.
    2- Give some form of Justice to the victims loved ones.
    3- Give warning of any person who contemplates a similar act that the same punishment awaits them. It is a deterrent.
    To punish by death is the utmost consequence of committing a crime.
    While I cannot comment on the philosophy of Sharia Law punishment by death holds the same profound extreme form of detergent in any country. It is universal in it’s message and sense of justice. No matter what country it is or what philosophy of religion it is death is extreme in its function.

  3. Eden, this is more than just justice. It also serves as a deterrent to any other sick bastard who thinks it’s OK to do this to a child. Also he won’t cost his country anything from now on. We should do this to perverts all over the world.

  4. At least they are doing something to stop this vile man from attacking more babies and children, plus it acts as a deterrent to others. In this country, he would be put in jail for a few years or claim he has mental health issues!!


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