Michigan University Becomes First To Offer Marijuana Degree


(Truth Theory) Would you devote four years to studying marijuana? Well, now you can do just that. Northern Michigan University is believed to be the first university in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in the study of marijuana. As a student, you can take classes in finance, science and marketing. Stoners need not apply!

The program is called Medical Plant Chemistry and is bound to induce higher learning. Though there are several accredited colleges and universities that offer both credit and noncredit courses in marijuana, Northern Michigan University is the first to offer a degree. Their program is unique and includes chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture and more.

Students who enrol on this program will learn how to measure and extract compounds in the plants that can be used for medicinal purposes. They will then be able to transfer the knowledge from growing other medicinal plants to marijuana.

“The historical stigma associated with cannabis is quickly vanishing,” says the school’s website, “and although there is a surge in businesses related to the marijuana economy, there is a major gap in educational opportunities available to prepare people for this field.”

Last year, Brandon Canfield, Associate Chemistry Professor, attended an annual American Chemical Society meeting and this gave him an idea. “I heard all about the need for analytical chemists (in the cannabis industry) and all sorts of interesting talks. That was the initial spark,” he said.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from growing operations, dispensaries and other businesses who want to take on our students as interns,” Canfield said, adding that a stereotypical stoner need not apply.” He went on to say that “obviously, the program is new and different and it might speak to a certain crowd. But for a student to succeed, they’re going to have to be very dedicated and motivated. This is not an easy program. It’s a really intense, biology and chemistry program.”

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