Muslim Man Saves 64 Christians from Beheadings by Islamic Militants in Philippines

He said the Maute, which calls itself the Islamic State of Lanao, would only get to his guests over his dead body...


The corporate media, the crooked politicians, and the religious fanatics are quick to blame Muslims for any and every act of terror committed on western soil.  They hide the fact that terrorism has no religion; that it is their invasive ideologies that propagate extremism, and that Muslims are heroes. It suits their agenda, it helps spread their extremist propaganda, and it boosts their egos.

Just because they paint all Muslims with the same brush, doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists.

In December 2015, a group of Muslims protected Christian passengers when suspected Islamic militants ambushed a bus in Kenya. Salah Farah, who along with other passengers refused to separate along religious lines, shielded the Christians, took the militants’ bullets, and died of his injuries. He reportedly told the militants, “kill us all or leave us alone.”

In July 2016, Najih Shaker Al-Baldwai put his life on the line and saved hundreds of lives in Iraq.  When an ISIS suicide bomber attempted to blow up the Sayyed Mohammad Shrine in Balad, Shaker did something most people couldn’t – he ran up to the suicide bomber and hugged him to physically dampen the explosion.

None of the heroic acts received the attention they deserved. The year changed, but the mindset didn’t; neither did the heroism.

Recently, a Muslim man in the Philippines hid 64 Christians in his own home and saved them from being beheaded by ISIS-backed Islamic militants.

Norodin Alonto Lucman, a traditional clan leader, opened his home to around 71 people including 64 Christians, when they were trying to escape the wrath of a group of heavily-armed gunmen who stormed the city of Marawi and engaged in fierce fighting with the Filipino army.

 “I had an ordeal because one day before the attack, there were some Christian workers who were in the house, fixing the small tower. The following days, other Christian workers took refuge in my house. There were about 64 of them in my hands and I was very determined nothing happens to them.

 “When ISIS came, they recognized me and they showed respect by just leaving when I told them to leave. They didn’t know I was hiding Christians. If they knew that there were Christians in my house, they would all be beheaded and executed.”

He said the Maute, which calls itself the Islamic State of Lanao, would only get to his guests over his dead body. So he and his guests escaped holding white flags. When they were stopped and asked if they were Christians, they responded with “Allahu akbar” – a Muslim rallying cry – and were allowed to leave. “As we walked, others joined us,” he told reporters. “We had to pass through a lot of [militant] snipers.”

Did you hear this act of bravery in the mainstream media? Please share this news, and share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. Beautiful. I hope there are more stories like this to combat the stigma against Muslims.
    it’d tragic that these hero’s died and don’t get the recognition they rightfully deserve as beautiful and strong humans, doing what so many of us cannot.

  2. I”l let you know he is your real hero, he risked his whole family for them, christian or muslim or German, real world gesture.

  3. bullshit…..he only saved them so he could kill them himself…..that way he was sure to make it to his so called heaven….they all worship the same child molester…..come on me everything but what I am….a realist and true american….and don’t argue with me when I’m right….that is all…till we meet again..

    • You are a bloody great example of ignorance and bigotry you redneck cross burning oxygen thieving uneducated parasite! There did i call you enough because ive got more if needed!!

    • Ok…That’s extreme “God allmighty” (as a Christian, I find that a bit offensive to use His name in a comment like that). I doubt he saved them to kill them himself. While the loudest and most influential voice of Islam is that of violence and jihad, there are good people who are Muslim. When they actually take the risk of defying the evil ones, they should be appreciated and encouraged to get others to break from the violent traditions of their religion. The only way Islam will ever fully end its 1400 year history of hate and violence against non-believers, is for it’s own people to change the direction of the religion from inside.

      However, AnonVoid and Chris: It’s not paranoia to take Islamists at their word that they want to end our way of life and that they will kill non-believers. They are proving every day, for that last 1400+ years, that they mean it. – 250+million people slaughtered in their name over the last 1400 years; Hundreds of millions enslaved, raped, and tortured; Hundreds of millions of their own women suffering the pain and humiliation of genital mutilation; etc. – Their “prophet” was, in fact, a thief, murderer, enslaver, rapist, and child molester. – So to call someone “ignorant” or a “bigot” for acknowledging factual history, only shows your own ignorance and bigotry.

  4. Wonder if they’ll make a poignant black n white “Lucmans List” Hollywood blockbuster out of his heroic Christian saving exploits against the western backed ISIS rent a terrorists? Not much different to the Holocaust with western backed Nazi machine vs the Jewish. Except there’s no Jewish involved here, so it’s a non story.

  5. The heroic stories portrayed in the article should have made headlines, because they would help the image that many have of Muslims. However, it is still very misleading. First of all, since Liberals control the media, and Liberals are so welcoming of all Muslims, in spite of a 1400 year history of violence and jihad against all who will not convert, why didn’t the Liberal media report this? Probably because those who were saved were Christians, and they have a war against Christians. Also, because unity is NOT what Liberal media and Democrats want. For that horrible media, it doesn’t sell ads, and for Democrats, the socialist agenda only moves forward when people are divided, and they have someone to hate. That’s how socialism comes to power.

    As for the misleading post downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism: There is no doubt that there is a huge number of Muslims who are NOT violent and do NOT promote jihad and terrorism. However, there are also hundreds of millions of them who do support the mission of jihad and the imposition of Sharia Law throughout the world, and millions who actively participate in jihad and enforcing Sharia Law. So, while we should welcome and embrace those who break from the violent tradition and teachings that ARE Islam, and encourage them to work to change the mentality of the majority in their religion. Violent jihad is the loudest and most influential voice of Islam, and it has been going on for over 1400 years, with over 250 million people slaughtered so far. – If you deny and ignore that history you are encouraging its repetition.


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