New Evidence Suggests Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk Who Lived And Died In India


According to Christian doctrine on the life and times of Jesus, he was the Son of God who laid his life to be crucified to expiate the sins of the world. But growing body of evidence has started to emerge showing the Christian narrative of the life and times of Jesus is misleading and inaccurate. Was he born in Bethlehem or in Nazareth? New discovery proves Jesus was a Buddhist monk who lived and died in India.

In the late 19th century, a Russian doctor named Nicolas Notovitch traveled extensively throughout India, Tibet, and Afghanistan, and chronicled his experiences and discoveries in his 1894 book The Unknown Life of Christ.

During his voyage, Notovitch broke his leg and recuperated at the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Hemis in the city of Leh in India. At the monastery, monks showed Notovitch two large yellowed volumes of a document written in Tibetan, titled The Life of Saint Issa.

Notovitch translated the document which detailed the true story of a child named Jesus (i.e. Issa = “son of God”) born in the first century to a poor family in Israel. Jesus was referred to as “the son of God” by the Vedic scholars who tutored him in the sacred Buddhist texts from the age of 13 to 29. Notovitch translated 200 of the 224 verses from the document in 1887.

One lama [monk] explained to Notovitch the full scope and extreme level of enlightenment that Jesus had reached:

“Issa [Jesus] is a great prophet, one of the first after the twenty-two Buddhas. He is greater than any one of all the Dalai Lamas, for he constitutes part of the spirituality of our Lord. It is he who has enlightened you, who has brought back within the pale of religion the souls of the frivolous, and who has allowed each human being to distinguish between good and evil.

“His name and his acts are recorded in our sacred writings. And in reading of his wondrous existence, passed in the midst of an erring and wayward people, we weep at the horrible sin of the pagans who, after having tortured him, put him to death.”

A book titled The lost years of Jesus, authored by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, confirms Notovitch’s account that Jesus lived and died in India. In Buddhism, when a great Buddhist or a Holy Man (i.e. lama) dies, wise men consult the stars and other omens and set off to find the infant who is the reincarnation of the Lama. When the child is old enough, he is taken away from his parents and educated in the Buddhist faith.

Christians believe when Jesus was born, three wise men came to seek and honor the infant; they were named Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior. It is speculated these three wise men took Jesus to India, when he was 13, to make him the greatest Buddhist ever.

“Jesus is said to have visited our land and Kashmir to study Buddhism. He was inspired by the laws and wisdom of Buddha,” a senior lama of the Hemis monastery told the IANS news agency. The head of the Drukpa Buddhist sect, Gwalyang Drukpa, who heads the Hemis monastery, also confirms the story.

The 224 verses have since been documented by others, including Russian philosopher and scientist, Nicholas Roerich, who in 1952 recorded accounts of Jesus’s time at the monastery:

“Jesus passed his time in several ancient cities of India such as Benares or Varanasi. Everyone loved him because Issa dwelt in peace with the Vaishyas and Shudras whom he instructed and helped.”

It is claimed Jesus spent some time teaching in the ancient holy cities of Jagannath (Puri), Benares (in Uttar Pradesh), and Rajagriha (in Bihar).

German scholar, Holger Kersten, has also chronicled the early years of Jesus in India in the book Jesus Lived In India. Further, in the BBC documentary, titled Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk, experts theorized that Jesus escaped his crucifixion and lived in the Kashmir Valley until he died at 80. Locals believe Jesus is buried at the Roza Bal shrine at Srinagar.

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  1. There is a known possible link to Buddhism from another direction. It is said that Jesus was taken to Egypt by his parents to escape the Massacre of the Innocents. Depending on how long he was there he may have encountered Buddhists there as there were a number of Therapeuts according to some accounts, who may have been Buddhists.
    There is a gap between the occasion when Jesus met with Rabbis in the Temple at Jerusalem and the time when he began his Ministry. He may well have travelled during those years. There is legend that he travelled to England with Joseph of Arimeghea. If, like many Jews, he was being trained as a merchant he may well have travelled the Silk Road to India. The Silk Road was not just a route for merchants and their goods. It was also route by which knowledge, ideas and religious thought was transferred. So, in a nutshell, this theory deserves greater scrutiny.

  2. By definition Issa or Essa is a muslim name. In the Muslim doctrine he is denoted as a prophet. I think he travelled the world studying every religion and still scrutiny is required to ascertain whether he was Christian, Jew or Buddhist. Personally I don’t believe he was Buddhist.

  3. One problem. That doesn’t account for Jesus’ superior knowledge of the Old Testament. On top of that, Buddhists of his time “Didn’t (and most still don’t) believe in a Creator”.

    • Your are heavily wrong. Buddhists keep alot of texts. So in order to teach, he must of learned teh old testament. Buddhists simple say you don thave to rely on a deity to get what you want. every buddhist is different. you cannot claim buddhists at christs time, didnt believe in a deity. this is just false.

  4. You might want to check out the texts involving the Apostle Thomas who did go to and die in India. That’s where the “Doubter” went. He has a shrine there.

  5. In the Islamic faith as the Coran and the prophet Mohamed narratives, Jesus is a prophet named Issa In Arabic like Moussa for Mouses and Ibrahim for Abraham and Younes for Junah… Issa who have a miraculous birth by his virgin mother Maryam from the house of Al Imraan a Jewish family, and as the prophets before him he have accomplished many miracles by god will, he wasn’t crucified as but ascended to heavens and will come back in the end of times to kill adajaal “Antichrist” who many will wrongly follow. Issa as the prophets before and after him have the same and unique message there is only one god who you should worship .

  6. I think he’s a fictional character, there’s no record of him by Jewish or Roman scribes of that time, and what about the other mythical “messiahs” (Krishna, Thor, Hermes, Horus etc. Who have the same profile and storyline?

  7. Why not Alexandria? The greatest library in the ancient world. Where he wouldve came into contact with every book in the known world at the time. Its really the only logical example of where he could go to get all he would need for his ministry. Whatever that was.

  8. This is nonsense.and proves nothing. It is all..”speculated” and “considered” and “theorized,..and “claimed’,. I don’t have any problem with Jesus travelling anywhere in the “lost Years”. But..we know he was crucified. We also know there were secular reports that something happened at the gravesite/tomb. We know what the Scriptures say.. I choose how i believe. You must do the same…

    • Actually there is zero evidence of anyone named Jesus or otherwise performing his attributed activities in the region until 300 years later.

    • Isn’t believing what the bible says exactly the same as what you tell us here?

      Isn’t all that is stated in the bible “speculated”, “considered”, “theorized” and “claimed”.

      The bible is not proof of anything. They are just stories written down by man.

  9. Or, it’s more of the same, voodoo nonsense as is trotted out in every non-provable text? IT NEVER HAPPENED.

    And should it EVER be proved a person named this existed– you can NEVER attach the make-belive-magic.

    Just stop! Can we PLEASE try to evolve and save this planet??? I have no death-wish as the religious do. We need to stop the decline of our environment– NOW! Religion is sentencing us ALL to death based on their delusion.

    Good grief.

    • Well said Jane.
      You are the only one that u said we have evolve and save the PLANET.
      Religion just makes people living dead creatures.

  10. Also, just my 2 cents. But Elizabeth Clair Prophet was a fraud and a deceiver. She would claim to channel all the Spiritual Heavies, from Christ to Maitreya! Started her own Cult and then contracted and died with Aultimerz (?sp) so…. wtf? She channeled all these powerful Saint and then goes crazy?!

  11. Belief and faith is a personal journey. I continue to read, consider, experience and take on board as much information as I can with an open mind. Anyone who claims to know absolute truth is using faith in science or God as a crutch. I don’t believe we are here because an unexplained explosion happened in a place we don’t understand, devoid of time and substance, expanded, clumped together, created microbes, monkeys and humans.. this to me is at least as implausible as a creator theory. So I keep reading, keep considering. I think our drive to do this is one of the few things we could call a reason for being here. Christians tell me I need to get off the fence, but I believe there is some form of creator, he/(she!) would be glad of my openness and willingness to learn, and if there isn’t.. well hell, it keeps me busy while I’m here ! 🙂 in these thoughts, I have leaned what should be universal truths about altruism, love, compassion and common sense. I enjoy my journey.

  12. I hsve come across writings and teaching that Joseph of Aramathias? Took him to England when he was a boy on route to europe and India before returning to the Levant.

  13. So Jesus, the son of the God (who died at the age of 33) somehow travelled the world to study other religions that oppesed his own fathers will for what reason? So you’re saying that rather than testify to his fathers will to sacrifice himself as a Christian so save all mankind, he thought : “no fuck that, I think the Buddhists have the right idea, I’m going to India to see what that tubby chap has to say for fits and giggles?” twats.

  14. Christianity as we know it a political phenomenon. The problem is that personal empowerment is perceived as threatening and fo that reason Jesus was put on the cross. Supposedly he was taken down after six hours, not long enough to kill him. The resurrection idea was a ploy to get people to believe Jesus was so special that he could survive death. What a hoax! It is important to pay attention to Jesus message “Love thy neighbour AS THYSELF”. Also “gOD IS lOVE”. We must be kind to ourselves and to each other.


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