North Korea’s Propaganda Art Shows U.S. Soldiers Savagely Killing Men, Butchering Babies


Horrific North Korean propaganda art shows atrocities and brutalities U.S. soldiers committed against its citizens during the Korean War of 1950-1953.

The paintings, believed to be from 2005, depict American soldiers torturing women by removing their teeth with pliers, killing men by slicing their heads off with a jagged blade, and shooting babies in trenches used as places for mass graves.

American soldiers are shown beheading their victims and burning them with hot metal. The grim paintings show the U.S. soldiers kicking children and women in a trench in the snow.

It is believed that some of these paintings are displayed in the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un visited the museum along with his sister in 2014 and reportedly described Americans as ‘cannibals and killers seeking pleasure in slaughter’.

The museum was initially built in Sinchon County, but in July 2015, North Korea rebuilt the museum and moved it to a new location in the country.

North Korea claims American and South Korean soldiers killed over 35,000 people in the 1950 Sinchon Massacre, the alleged mass murder of by South Korean, American and United Nations military forces.

Americans deny the claims. In 1989, Chicago Tribune journalist Uli Schmitzer summarized ‘if any truth about massacres in Sinchon ever existed, the evidence has long ago been obscured.’

This painting shows North Koreans cowering in fear as the US soldiers set dogs on them.

Although the U.S. denies the massacre, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers lists several incidents of mass murder by U.S. soldiers in Sinchon.

The organization also claims that U.S. ground troops beheaded up to 300 North Koreans using Japanese samurai swords while the Air Force used bacteriological warfare against innocent civilians during the war.

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